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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pope Cards?

I had to share this little bit of eBay Weirdness with you all, and it doesn't even have to do with a card from a brand new release selling for several thousand dollars. It's just a 99 cent auction for a pair of fairly common insert cards...

On my iGoogle home page, I have a widget that does an eBay search and scrolls the results on the screen. I currently have it set to search "Allen Ginter" even though I only need four commons to complete the set. I probably need to reset it to search for "Goudey Heads Up", but I've been too lazy to change it and that really isn't important right now. What is important is that an auction caught my eye while it was scrolling along... This one right here. It ends in a day, and it might be gone by the time you read this so here's the title:

07 Allen & Ginter Pope Lot of 2 Nero Tiberius

Pope lot? WTF? I clicked and saw that the seller was in fact selling two Allen & Ginter Roman Emperor cards but had somehow identified them as popes. Well, Roman... Pope... I can kinda see that. The cards have ROMAN EMPEROR plastered all over them but some people just aren't that observant I guess. Then it registered exactly who was identified as a pope. Nero?? A pope??? Nero's the dude who created the whole "feed Christians to lions" shtick. Seriously, he holds the patent on persecuting Christians. Every time you're mean to a Jesus freak, you have to pay Nero's estate royalties. Nero even had Saint Peter, who was the Jackie Robinson of Popes, crucified UPSIDE DOWN. How do you mistake this guy for a Pope? I suppose it's possible the sellers are Discordians, but, I mean, just, wow. Pope Nero. Here's a screencap of the auction page for posterity.

Thing is though, it worked. After seeing that, I just had to bid. It helped I don't have either of those cards and there's still a small voice in the back of my head saying an Allen & Ginter Master set is actually possible, but nonetheless they advertised Pope Nero and attracted a bidder. Win or lose Pope Nero is going into someone's collection with Cardinal Tiberius along for the ride. I have to admit, it could have been much worse, it could have been Pope Caligula.

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