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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bobby Cut and Run

What a fucking joke.

Good riddance to worthless garbage. If only the owner could go with him.

I can't stop laughing at this though.

Some highlights:

What a great opportunity Arthur Blank has now. With no coach, no QB, no offensive line, and, after last night, apparently no defense either, this is the perfect time TO DISBAND THIS PERENNIAL LOSER. Fire all these clowns, give them a gift card to Home Depot, turn the Dome into a homeless shelter, and shut this mother down now!!!

The Dogs don’t have Ark on the schedule next year. Too bad, I would like to go to the game and throw #### at him.

Does it ever end? I think not - who do I root for now in Loserville!!!!!!!!!!!!! What god did we p** oof?

Somebody shoot me … a few times just to make sure you hit something vital … please!

Bye bye Bobby, You don’t have the balls to do the Falcon job, and I don’t think you have the Nutts to do the Arkansas job.

I say we get Bobby Cox. He is professional and loyal and more successful than anyone the Falcons have run out there recently. Okay, so he may not know anything about football, but that’s a minor issue. He might get a few 15-yard penalties, but at least they don’t kick football coaches out of games.

How is Blank going to justify his annual ticket price increase this year? And isn’t Chan Gailey available?

Call Spurrier. At least we can get some laughs out of this year when he throws his visor.

I just scored 56 points on the old school hand held Coleco football game. Maybe I should submit a resume.

Why don’t we let Glanville and Reeves do a 100 yard dash to see who gets the job.

Apparently he phoned in his resignation. What a scumbag. I give him 7 games at Arkansas before he bolts to coach the Ottawa Rough Riders.

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