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Friday, December 21, 2007

An Observation and a Question

Anyone bought any blasters recently? Have you seen the new ones? They're smaller now. They are about three quarters the size of the old ones. I first saw it on the new Topps '52 Rookies boxes and I've since seen it on Leaf Rookies & Stars Football, Fleer Hot Prospects Basketball, Press Pass Racing and the new "Chase the '52 Topps" Tristar repack box. I like it. Unless you bought a 20-pack box of Opening Day or First Edition the old blasters would be about one-third full of packs and the rest would be wasted cardboard. These boxes are small enough to be filled up by most products, are large enough so they can't be pocketed easily and they reduce both their shelf footprint and the waste involved. It's a win-win for everybody. I still wish they'd print a card on the side of the box you could cut out as a bonus. I miss the days of cutting out cards of box bottoms.

Ok, here's the question I have for you guys. While I was looking through the blasters, I found a couple of Topps WWE Heritage tins with an embossed Allen & Ginter design on the top. Apparently Topps has taken the Heritage concept and used it on a wrestling set. I'm not dying to have a wrestling card in a 1980 Topps design, but you know how I am about anything Allen & Ginter. Especially mini cards. So here's my question: Will someone please bop me on the head with a heavy blunt object before I not only buy one of these tins, but also post the box break online so the whole world will know I bought Wrestling cards? Anyone? Please?


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Come on. You don't want any wrestling cards. It would be like spreading toxic ooze on a steak from Outback.