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Sunday, January 3, 2010




Captain Canuck said...

2 in a row, congrats.

of course, this means that in order to make the playoffs next year, they'll have to do it 3 seasons in a row.

just sayin'

Unknown said...

I haven't thought about Pro Set football in a long time.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

True story, when I saw the Falcons final score on the little ticker on the bottom of my TV screen the first thing I thought of was you dayf. Too bad 9-7 wasn't good enough for the playoffs. It wasn't for my Steelers either =(

The Mojo Hand said...


Do you still want that Ryan /25?

Its been sitting on my desk for two weeks, and I already have had to avoid spilling coffee on it twice.

Damn coffee it good for you brain, but bad for your keyboard.

WORD VERIFICATION bustaskul Im dead serious.