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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Ok, this probably won't last 'till Valentine's day, but I'm so freaking behind in sending out trades I gotta do something. From now on when I get a package, within 24 hours I am going to post one card from that package and acknowledge the sender. It might help to e-mail the guy too, but I'm literally over a month behind in that so don't ask for miracles. That's right, if you sent me a trade e-mail in December most likely it is starred and in my inbox waiting for me to get back to you. It's not that I hate you or anything, it's just that I'm a total slackass right now.

So why one card? There there seems to be two schools of thought towards trade posts at the moment. The scholarly view is that trade posts are boring as hell and should be avoided as they take away from serious blogging. A more hirsute school of bloggery states that trade posts are essential building blocks of an online card community. These two factions are currently in a heated feud that will surely only end in tears. However, I am both scholarly AND hirsute, so I'm going with the one card compromise.

A quick post featuring just one awesome or interesting card from the package and acknowledging the sender will be quick, to the point, interesting for the readership and will help build community by sharing the sender's blog or online presense so others can find out about them and maybe work their own trade. And by limiting it to one card I don't get caught up in wanting to write a novel about every package that arrives in the mail, a major reason why my mailday posts from last year got fatally constipated.

One card, one link, one anecdote and wham bam thank you ma'am I'm off to catch up on my oddball card pages or vintage Topps Football or overdue blaster break posts that I promised you forever ago. And if I find more than one postworthy card in there, I'm gonna pick one and let the other cards get their own posts when time permits. And if I don't have time to post, I AIN'T GONNA OPEN IT UNTIL I DO. And by March I'm going to have a pile of unopened packages taller than my computer desk, but dadgummit, I'm at least going to try to get my shit together.

First package of the year is from:

Duane is a pretty prolific trader and is known for his massive Allen & Ginter collection. He just sent me a rather healthy pile of A&G cards that took out a huge chunk of my set. A couple other things too that may get their own posts one of these days. I've got 'em scanned and ready at least. Since this was an A&G package primarily I'm gonna post an A&G card.

And a very nice card it is! Now I understand why everybody was freaking out so much about this card last year. I'm still waiting on my A&G Crystl Bustos card, though.


(thanks Duane!)


Duane said...

Now if I could just make your blogroll!
Thanks for all the great information you provide and you know for being "The Godfather" of card blogging.

Play at the Plate said...

Oh sure, come up with a compromise and end what is sure to be a feud for the ages.

gritz76 said...

I think the one card rule is brilliant, unless there are several, blow your mind cards involved.

Roy said...

NO RULES! TRADE ANARCHY! If you totally make out in a trade and want to show off some new goodies, do it. There shouldn't be rules to blogging. We don't have editors, those of us who are writers (or pesudo-writers) can use blogger to write what we want finally, and to not have to follow someone else's rules.

If someone isn't interested, they don't have to read it.

My stance on Cat remains the same. Reow.

dayf said...

I am not King God of the cardblogosphere. I am not decreeing that this shall be the format for all trade posts for everyone for eternity. I am not going to subject bloggers who break this rule, nay, LAW to the punishment of purchasing a case of SPX at full retail. I have been teh suck at acknowledging packages so this is my way of coping. You do whateva ya want. Now, get your King a sammich, lowly peon. With EXTRA PICKLES...

dayf said...

Also: Roadkill, Play at the Plate and Paper Chase have been added to the blogroll.

That another thing I need to get on top of this year...

Also also: pesudo make me a sammich

Play at the Plate said...

Thanks for adding me to ye old blogroll. I melted a sammich with extra pickles on my motherboard and emailed it...I hope it doesn't clog of your hard drive.