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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aw, Screw it.

Beckett sees me as a competitor instead of a consumer and Topps doesn't give a crap as long as I keep buying their stuff.

Here are my entries into Stale Gum's National Chicle Parody Card Contest. Enter today!

Drinkin' the Haterade and spittin' on artists... Imagine how miserable I'd be if I DIDN'T like National Chicle!

One more: this one was inspired by Paul Lempa, the guy who painted the Chipper Ruth card, in a comment from this post. I swiped the Curly Neal card from My Hockey Card Obsession, a cool blog I discovered tonight while looking for a Globetrotter image. At least something good came out of this crummy day...


Olds said...

The first part of your opening line is a real mystery to me.

dayf said...

Gee man, I dunno, maybe because the very first time a Beckett representative has shown up on this blog in the past three years is to basically try to smooth over a PR debacle and you did so by painting the people who don't agree with your press release unhinged, Armageddon shouting, small animal torturing artist haters when in the damn post that's got you so worked up I FRIGGIN DEFENDED CHICLE AND THE ARTISTS MAKING THE DAMN PAINTINGS. The only thing the artist did wrong on that painting is choosing young skinny Chipper Jones Doppelganger Babe instead of fat old Brave Babe. I ain't even angry at the card! I LIKE THE CARD! It's having cutesy gimmicky crap shoved down my throat I don't like and the first thing I thought of when I saw Babe Ruth's name on a Chipper card was that stupid Fred Lewis/Randy Winn super short print junk from last year's Heritage. It's not like I knew what the hell the card was, Topps guards basic information on their sets like they're nuclear secrets about to get in the hands of Ahmadinejad! Remember in the early days of heritage when variations were just normal short prints and were fun instead of impossible to pull? I do, because I've invested the past decade in collecting Heritage and the fact that Topps feels they have to try to recreate '06 Gordon IN EVERY DAMN SET PISSES ME OFF. THAT'S WHAT I'M SO ANGRY ABOUT. I THOUGHT THIS WAS ANOTHER STUPID GIMMICK CARD, THIS TIME OF MY FAVORITE DAMN PLAYER. I wasn't angry at the freaking artists that I've trashed, not at the kittens I've stomped, not even at my own damn lying eyes that tell me that a card of a guy dressed in a 2009 Braves uni that looks remarkably like Chipper Jones isn't Chipper at all but Babe Ruth. I'm mad at what this stupid hobby has become. A big goddamn chase for some artificially scarce piece of junk while the actual CARDS that built the hobby in the first place go in the trash bin. You posted one damn base card in that Chicle post! Topps only GAVE you one damn base card image for that Chicle post!!! The hobby I've wasted the past 27 years of my life on has become a big friggin scam and I'm sick of being told that that is OK.

Well, I'm sorry for mentioning your name in a post about an article you wrote, It'll never happen again. After today, don't worry about me linking to anything Beckett does or even going to your website at all or flipping through your magazine at the store. If you don't like my opinions on your PR pieces I won't give 'em anymore. If you're going to treat the opinions on cards of someone who buys a hell of a lot of them from your advertisers like they're completely irrelevant because they disagree with yours then screw it.

Since nobody's ever asked, and I'm not going to talk about your Magazine ever again after this post this is a good a time as any to explain why I've named the link to your site "The Propaganda" since I first created that link list. Back in the mid '90s, there was an awesome card shop on Chamblee-Tucker road owned by a cool guy named Wade. Wade was a collector at heart and his dream as a kid was to own a million cards, a goal he reached at this shop. He always called Beckett "The Propaganda" as a joke and I linked it that way as a remembrance of a great collector who sold out and dumped it all in 1996 because the industry just got too crazy.

Olds said...

1. I'm not trying to "smooth over" a thing. And if people think the stories I wrote about Chicle over the weekend were press releases, then they must think everything Beckett writes is PR. Not the case.

2. There were plenty of negative reactions on blogs, Beckett's message board, blowout's message board and so on... not just here. Part of that was undoubtedly because of the lack of explanation for those cards. That's what was posted on Saturday.

John Bateman said...

Hey Cardboard Junkie it is only Baseball Cards. Look, Topps, Upper Deck, Beckett etc... are in the Business to make money. The actual value of the cards have shifted to the manufacturers and not the collectors. In the good old days collectors collectors used to pay pennys for the cards and they would be worth dollars. It is the opposite today. However, they still are only baseball cards and the Ruth card look very interesting.