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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I just found out Mark's Ephemera likes Orel Hershiser

Right here in a comment on the Dinged Corners State of the Union Drinking Game. Justice Scalia just had a sugar crash after eating 14 cannolis for lunch so Mark is getting some Bulldogs. If anyone else likes Orel, be the first to comment here and I'll get you a couple. Night Owl and gcrl need not apply (muahaha!)

Offer limited to the first person to post they want some Hersheys and only the first one. No whining, and if Mark comments first, he gets em ALL. Them's the breaks.

If you just want to get fitshaced try this drinking game instead.

Also: This.

(do cards, Mr. President)


Mark Aubrey said...

Ginsburg is snoozing. I win, I win.

Sid McHenry said...

I'm a HUGE Orel Hershiser fan! I even have a game-used bat he gave me at a Dodgers game back in 1988!

I'm just thrilled that there are other Bulldog fans like me out there. If I'm the first, please pass the cards along to Mark (was it Mark? I can't remember!)

-Sid McHenry

dayf said...

Mark beat you by one minute, but it's all good. I'll try to get thrse in the mail tomorrow Mark, but I'm not promising nothin'.

night owl said...

Mark! Don't do it! Don't do it! It's a trick!

Mark Aubrey said...

Oh, I'm fully aware that dayf is tricking me. A few months ago he said he'd get some cards out to me "tomorrow". Tomorrow never arrives.

dayf said...

It's not my fault, I lost those cards. Now I found them again. The Prodigal cards return! Now With Orel!

Mark Aubrey said...

Well, thanks for coming clean. Travis, over at Punk Rock Paint, still owes me the two Allen & Ginter unripped cards.

pinkpa said...

I was looking to sell an Orel Hershiser folder.......if you know anyone who might be interested thanks.