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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I pretty much had to do this

After seeing this post at Dinged Corners about the New Mets Revival courtesy of Jason Bay, I was compelled to create a fitting tribute.

So who else clicked on the picture of Jason thinking it was an embedded video?

Also: I had COMPLETELY forgotten that Bay was originally an Expo. I'm really starting to slip.


dc said...

I couldn't embed that video. I tried. I don't think MLB wanted us too, for some reason. It's unembeddable, baby.

And yes, I was all hopeful about Bay until 1) Beirut and 2) he actually spoke.

Gaah. So sir, may we use that Mr. Met/Flying Saucer, duly credited, on our blog, forever?

dayf said...

But of course!

Anonymous said...

That's great!