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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never let your guard down

Like Thorzul, I got a package from Virginia the other day with no indication of who sent it. I had seen the address before however and recognized the sender. He apparently wishes to remain anonymous, but I'll say he only recently moved to Virginia. In the unannounced incognito package were two cases:

One had Willie showing on the top, the other was obscured with checklists. Of course I just got Bipped. I mean, jeez, it's just so obvious. Random package from out of nowhere, checklists hiding the 17 copies of a 1993 Topps Al Leiter, A second case of good stuff to try to subdue my wrath, I mean, c'mon. At least try to be sneaky about it. Screw it. I'm opening the Bip and then sending out a pile of Steve Sax cards big enough to choke a mule. Let's get this over with.

Huh, a Baseball Immortals Christy Mathweson. I have to say I love this set. When I was young all the cool kids' parents got them this set for Christmas out of the Sears catalog, but I never got one. I really need to take all the money I waste on new wax and find this set on Craigslist. This was just a decoy, the Bip is forthcoming.

Hrm. Ralph Branca Action Packed. Another set I adore and never got around to collecting. Maybe Mystery Man won't get the Steve Sax pile after all. Maybe I'll find him a nice Phillies Bip.

OHMAHGAWD! All of these are off my wantlists! Wow. That was really nice. I should look for stuff off his wantlists this weekend. He only has like 20 years worth of them with about 10-15 sets per page. Man, and here I was going to send him 1990 Donruss. What is wrong with me?

Look at how happy Rollie Fingers is there. And here I am all paranoid about a phantom Bipping. What the hell happened to me? How did I get so jaded and cynical and miserable? That's is. No more distrust, no more griping, no more M-F dropping rants on card sets I like. I'm just going to enjoy this hobby and share these awesome cards with others. I'm turning over a new leaf! There's a new, happy Dayf in town! Time to open the other case!

Willie Mays playing pool. How cool is that! I really like being happy!

I hate Michael Jordan with the burning hatred of a thousand suns, but this is a cool oddball card and I've never seen this set before either so it's a whole new experience! It looks like the 1990s drank a case of wine coolers and threw up! Being joyful and positive is great! Hey look! A note! Good news, probably!

"Oh Noes! Iz been Bipped!" There's a Rutgers education for ya! Higher education RULES! I wonder what it means?

Wow! a 1992 Donruss Spirit of the Game card, those are awesome! Junk Wax never had it so good!

Neat! A couple of 1994 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion cards of... Oh. Oh no... No, it can't...

Oooooh yes it can. IT BEGINS. 1995 Topps Cyberstats.

1995 Upper Deck SP Silver Parallel

Two 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond

1996 Score Dugout Collection Sombrero Edition

1996 Fleer Tiffany

and finally, mercifully, two 1997 Circa cards of...



There was an oddball card of Will Clark and a Beckett promo card of Raul Mondesi, but I can't show them. I am a shattered and broken man, and will never be able to trust again. Willie playing pool was the decoy card... the horror. The Horror.

Kudos to Mystery Man for soundly bipping me before the concept became stale. Gummed up my evening for sure. I shall now go off to lick my wounds and plot my revenge.



Unknown said...

Oh, snap, I knows who it be now.
Typical of those Philadelphia Union fans. Not even a single match has been played, and already they've established a reputation for being underhanded jerks. (Actually, this guy is still pretty cool, though.)

SpastikMooss said...

wow, 1995 topps AND 1997 circa? I wish that had been me, because I would have met two set needs hahaha.

Matt Runyon said...

Did they take that sombrero picture after a 4-strikeout game by the Bippster?

GCA said...

Sweet! Electric Diamond versions of the original Bipping cards!