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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Show - Cars

Every time I've been to this Vintage show I've picked up at least a couple of these 1953 Topps World on Wheels cards from the bargain bin. While I've never been a big card guy, the old-timey cars are pretty neat and the cards look and feel a lot like the '53 Baseball set. Plus, it's a card from 1953 for a buck. I do worry that eventually I will get in too deep and try to complete the thing. Here are my pickups from the past two shows with brief explanations on why I chose these.

#12 Mack Diesel Tractor

'Cause it's a mack truck! This car could squish all the other puny cars in this set. This is one of the very few vehicles from this set that doesn't look all that different from the ones driving around today.

#15 Osca Maserati

I wanted a sports car and this Italian racing model looked pretty cool. Plus, there's a pretty kick ass local band named Maserati.

#135 Reeves Octoauto

Eight tires. That is all.

#153 Pope-Toledo

The name reminded me of Corporal Klinger - in a dress - as the Pope. This was a mental image that amused me. The cartoon on the back features New Hampshire's Profile Mountain, probably because by card #153 Topps had run out of car-related cartoons.

#49 The Long Island Automotive Museum

This one I passed up on the first two times I was at the show and I couldn't pass up on it a third time. I'll bet that someone at Topps got a lot of help from this museum in making this set. Sadly it closed down thirty years ago and was abandoned.

I now have enough of these to fill a page in my '53 binder. Think that will be enough for me?


Burnsee2 said...

Props on listening to Maserati! They are an awesome band! I had the chance to meet them last year and they were all super cool guys. It's a shame that Jerry is no longer with us.

ernest of canada said...

wouldn't it be oddly appropriate if the octomom was an antique car collector and drove an octoauto?

dayf said...

Only if she ripped a pack of UD Ballpark and pulled and Octorelic.

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