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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hall of Ffffffffuuuuuu - my reaction

Roberto Alomar - 397 votes - 73.7%

Andre Dawson - 420 votes - 77.9%

Tim Raines - 164 votes - 30.4%

Barry Larkin 278 51.6%

Fred McGriff - 116 votes - 21.5%

Andres Galarraga - 22 votes - 4.1%

David Segui - 1 vote - 0.2%

FIVE blank ballots turned in
Bert Blyleven - 400 votes - 74.2%
missed by five votes

teh totels if yoor intrerestid


SpastikMooss said...

I think the real vote totals will come out later. These ones seem off, I'm sure that Fred had at least 400 more votes.

Unknown said...

The baseball HOF voting is a sham. It's a bunch of punitive old bastards who like having control over athletes that got all the attention their whole lives.

It's a sham, I tell ya.

madding said...

They should get rid of the crotchety old elitist bastards who vote for this thing and just get Rob Neyer to do it or something.

Dinged Corners said...

Oh thank God, the return of dayFfffffffuuuu.

PS G_Moses is absolutely correctomundo.

Motherscratcher said...

I'd be all for Neyer and Posnanski doing it. Then I wouldn't have to sit and wonder why 70% of the people who are supposed to know baseball the best don't think Tim Raines belongs in Cooperstown.

All we would have to do it chloroform Neyer (I can get it. I'm a dentist. We use that stuff sometimes) and put in a double when Vizquel comes up for a vote. Kind of like the movie Dave, only without Sigourney Weaver involved.


night owl said...

Sigh. I find some these comments disturbing.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WTF! just imagine what we have to look forward to. If your around 30+ years of age whick I am more + 30 LOL imagine who is going to on the ballot Griffey -- Hell YES then a bunch of doped up players except maybe Randy Johnson. should be at least entertaining! Grant

Anonymous said...

As a side not Iv'e been lucky enough to be at the age of meeting both willie mays, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr. and Kirby Puckett I can say by far Kirby was the nicest stars I ever met, and since Griffey is pretty much my childhood hero even if he was an ass I would not know it! but he's not! I can tell you I stood in line for 4 hours to get a mays personal auto and he was a really grumpy angry old man and pretty nasty to me but I was only like 7 or 8 but I'm pretty sure he was a prick. Excuse my language but I looked up to him. BTW I gave away that signed ball! Mantle was very cool even at his age not to mention he died not that logafter and could not have been feeling well. Canseco was a dic* maguire was OK Bonds I never liked him anyway . Just my opinion though could have been a bad day signing 10,000 cards and balls not sure. Grant

Motherscratcher said...

which ones Night Owl?

dayf said...

Night Owl is a professional writer and today is the annual "National Beat Up on Sports Writers Day" so I don't blame him for not enjoying many comments about this subject. We'll love writers again tomorrow Owlie, I promise. Except for the ones who go on ESPN. They'll still suck.

Roy said...

My favorite face is the Segui one. I liked Segui, but HOF?!?!?!?!

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Rob Neyer? I'd rather have Rob Meyer, the Brewers DH in 1988 do the Hall of Fame balloting, he should get a vote btw lol.
Verifcation word: kinglin

Jim from Downingtown said...

I wonder if those 5 jackasses that submitted blank ballots were the cause of Blyleven missing by only 5 votes.

Had those spiteful clowns just stayed home, the total number of ballots would have been less, causing Blyleven's percentage of the total to rise.

night owl said...

MS ~ dayf basically got it right in answering for me. I don't enjoy people ragging on my profession, especially when it's in generalized, stereotype-fueled terms.

But I'll calm down.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard I cried, and when I found out Galarraga didn't even get %5, I just cried. :'(

Motherscratcher said...

Night Owl - Oh good, I was worried that you might be disturbed by my plan to use chloroform to kidnap Rob Neyer. Just for the record, it would only be for a few days and I would do everything in my power not to harm him permanently. This is all way down the road anyway as Vizquel isn't even retired yet.

My suggestion for the hall election proceedure had nothing to do with any opinion of baseball writers in general (I like them) and everything to do with the fact that I love JoePo and Neyer. I suppose if we throw in Josh Wilker to break ties then the system would be perfect.