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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Virtual Card Show - Sports Memories Atlanta Show - Part 1

I've been showing off the cards from the Vintage Show I went to a couple of Sundays ago, now I want to show off the show. The man running the show, Roger Neufeldt, was kind enough to let me take some snaps of the show to post for you all. I took a whole bunch of 'em (but none of Roger, I realized as I walked out the door) and I'm going to show them off today. Now you can have the card show experience right in your very home! Roger does shows in most MLB cities throughout the year, so check out his website to see if he'll be near you.

This is the bargain box where I found 90% of the stuff I bought. The right side is all topps baseball from 1952 to the late '70's. The left has Bowman, oddballs, non-baseball sports cards and non-sports cards. The most Awesome Card in All of History was found in that very box. If you looks behind the box, there are several plastic cases filled with large size Topps cards from 1953 to 1956 for 2 and 3 dollars each. If you're cheap like me, this is Nirvana. Now for the cool part for window shoppers:


I'm not sure if that would be Roger's preferred nomenclature, but I calls 'em like I see 'em. This case has all the really hellaciously great cards inside. The economy must be picking up because there's a lot less cards in there than there was the last time he was in town. People are apparently buying the big'uns.

Like this one, 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth. You can tell the quality of the cards in the case by the ones I didn't focus on. That's right, Ernie Banks and Duke Snider rookies are background scenery.

Here's a '51 Bowman Mantle rookie with Ted Williams looking over his shoulder. I didn't really take any photos of them but if you look though the case you can see the shelves full of boxes packed with vintage commons. There's plenty of stuff at this show if you're not up for a $4000 Mantle.

Here's one of the very few 1913 Fatima tobacco team cards I've ever seen. These suckers are quite rare and hard to find in this good condition. This card is of the New York Giants team and looks great despite the glare. Completely ignored are Old Judge cards from the 1880's right behind the Fatima.

Ok, you knew I couldn't neglect Old Judge cards. This set is like the T206es of the 19th centrury. There are hundreds of cards of ballplayers from the early days of baseball in this set. On the right, you can see Connie Mack. AS A PLAYER. Above them are some 1932 American Caramel cards which are pretty cool in their own right.

There are lots more pictures, but due to time constraints I'll have to spread 'em out over multiple posts. I'll have the Oddballs up tonight.

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