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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Virtual Card Show - Sports Memories Atlanta Show - Part 3

I had hoped to post this yesterday morning, but time got away from me. The Friday Night Vampires can enjoy it instead. Here's the last part of the Virtual Card Show, Part one is here and Part Two is here if you wanted to begin at the beginning. This post  will show off some of the vintage cases. There were at least six or seven of them, and I didn't even get a picture of the Football/Basketball case. I also missed a full shot of the '60s case, but here's some selected highlights:

Here's a couple of nice '59 Micks. On the periphery are Maris, Aaron, Musial and a ton more.

These rows of All Star cards caught my eye. The 1960 high number cards are actually more difficult to find than the 1961 semi-high numbered All-Stars in the row above them. For some reason, I have a much tougher time finding the '61s. There's plenty of 'em here though...

'50s Cases

Here's a picture of a full case of '50s cards. There were more then of of 'em too, as the pics below were not from this case. The second to the bottom row here has a few cards that caught my eye: The '51 Spahn, the '53 Rizutto, the '54 Robinson... So many great cards in here.

Check out these rows here... Campy and Duke up top, Spahnie down below and in the middle: '54 Ted Williams, '54 Spahn, '54 Yogi, '55 Koufax and '55 Hodges. I'm looking at the price on that Red Schoendienst '48 Bowman rookie and I'm not believing it. No one buy that card before Roger comes back to Atlanta!

Smack dab in the middle of a group of '57 Topps are three gorgeous Clementes.

Here's a bunch of Bowmans. I liked how Bill Bruton looked really annoyed as he gets sandwiched by Yogi and Mick.

'30s Cases

Here's a full view of a '30s card case, chock full of Goudeys. There's also quite a few Play Ball, Stand Ups and Diamond Stars in there. In the bottom right gorner the '33 Goudey Rabbit Maranville I need for my Braves team set peeps out at me.

I love the '38 Goudey Heads Up set which is why I took this snap of a group of five.

I'm not sure if this was in a '30s case or a '50's case. Maybe it was the '40's case? All I know is there is a Warren Spahn and Yogi Berra rookie stacked right on top of each other. Anyone want to buy a slightly used kidney? only $445.

The Tobacco Card Case

This is the first case that greeted me as I walked in the door. I'm surprised anyone makes it past this case. There's T205s, T206s, Old Judge, Turkey Reds and even a Carte de Visite cabinet down in the bottom left corner.

An Old Judge card of Mickey Welsh is flanked by Chuck Klein and Home Run Baker. I was so dazzled by these cards I didn't even pay attention to the T205 and 6es surrounding them. Here's the king daddy of the whole show:

Christy Mathewson Turkey Red. Just Wow.

Once again, here's Roger's website, with a show calendar for 2010. If he's coming anywhere near you, I strongly recommend checking it out. Even if you don't buy anything, it's still a great trip to what is practically a card history museum.


Andy said...

I can see your reflection in some of those photos. I'm surprised they let you walk around naked. Still, that's a handy way to carry your camera bag.

Bay Rat North West said...

I am saddened you did not grab that Vandy for me from the 40's case. Last time I leave a non scathing comment for you.

dayf said...

Roger was watching me too closely or I would have grabbed it along with the Spahn, Yogi and most of the rest of that case.

ernest of canada said...

Dave, what set are those cards beneath the five '38 goudey heads up cards from?

dayf said...

1934-36 Batter Up.