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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why is the world in love again?

Why are we marching hand in hand?

Why are the ocean levels rising up?

It's a brand new record for 1990.

They Might be Giants' brand new album:


Jim said...

Wow. 20 years ago I bought the Flood cassette, and it still one of my favorite albums.

jtanevismom06 said...

Bravo sir. I for one am in love again !

beardy said...

I gotta have that card!

Flood is a great album, but it's not their best. John Henry is the shizzle my nizzle.

madding said...


John Henry, beardy, really?

I'm an Apollo 18 guy myself.

Sal said...

Apollo 18 all the way!!!

But Flood is awesome too. Someone stole my copy, so I'll have to eventually replace it.

Did you make that TMBG card?

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

My freshman college roommate had the cassette and I felt like I had just heard music for the first time. And yes, Apollo 18 is their best. I was pleasantly surprised how good The Else was though.