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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Vintage Show - Part 1

It wasn't easy, ,but I managed to make the vintage card show over at the Courtyard Marriot last weekend. I had a half hour and thirty bucks and still managed to spend a dollar a minute. The next time Roger comes into town I'm selling a kidney on the black market or something to make some cash. If only I had a spare Jackson in my pocket, I would have walked out with a vintage Aaron or four 1953 High numbers or 20 World on Wheels cards. I made the money I had count though and got a few nifty items. I'll show them off bit by bit throughout the week. I also got permission to take some pictures of the setup, I'll have that post ready for you Wednesday or Thursday. I'm going to start off with a couple of vintage oddballs I picked up:

1952 Wheaties Bob Feller

Perfectly cut from the back of the box. I think this might be my first vintage card of ol' Rapid Robert. Back in the '30s Wheaties often printed sports related cards on the back of their ceral boxes to promote sales. They brought back the tradition in the '50s and the 1952 set was the last appearance of the cut out cards. The set was made up of players from many different sports and there are 10 baseball subjects:

Yogi Berra
Roy Campanella
Bob Feller
George Kell
Ralph Kiner
Bob Lemon
Stan Musial
Phil Rizzuto
Preacher Roe
Ted Williams

Breakfast of champions, indeed. Each card has a portrait version like this one and an action version for twenty cards total. The line art on these is really nice, the scan doesn't do it justice. So some kid got a little happy with the scissors. He was probably just exited to get a Bob Feller card. The price: 3 bucks.

1961 Topps Stamps

I'm going to be brief with this one because the only reason I bought it is because Topps is doing an insert set based on these original '61 inserts and I wanted to have one to show off for a later post. So, uh, I'll write about it then.


Unknown said...

I would love to see a vintage show come out my way. I hope you got some nice stuff and look forward to seeing what you got.

cynicalbuddha said...

Scissor Happy kid my ass looks like he tore it out with his teeth. But a nice score, can't wait to see what else you got.

--David said...

Man, how did I miss that post!? Dawg! Thanks a TON for the Feller! Amazing!

WV: ouskindm - as in U Skind 'M (Go Tribe!)