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Monday, January 18, 2010

The first and last pack of Bowman Draft I need to buy

I know what's you're thinking... "You believe Bowman is a useless waste of wood pulp that would be better utilized as toilet paper"  Well, you're not incorrect, especially with this year's version of Bowman Draft Picks World Baseball Classic & Prospects. I saw this pack at Target last night and decided to take it home with me. (I paid for it, I'm a fool, not a thief) Can you tell why?

Does this help you understand?

Oh, the joy of rack packs with transparent wrappers. I guess it would be jerky to not show you the rest of the cards.

BDP39 Ryan Sadowski
BDP21 Chris Tillman
BDP35 Jarrett Hoffpauir
BDP19 Ryan Perry

Hoffpauir I remember from an old Bowman set, Perry is a short print in Topps206. The other two I've got no clue. 
BDPW31 Chipper Jones

Heeeeeeeeeee-WHACK! CHIPPAH! These WBC cards ain't so bad after all!

BDPW33 Ubaldo Jimenez
BDPW11 Munenori Kawasaki
BDPW5 Dustin Pedroia

Never mind- yeah they do suck.

BDP44 Diory Hernandez

Woooo another Brave. Diory was a utility infielder type with the Braves last year. We probably won't see  much of him unless there are some injuries. 

BDP54 Josh Reddick
BDPW30 Paolo Espino

Yay Chrome. Next.

BDP1 Tommy Hanson

The only card I wanted from this set. AND IT IS MINE ALL MINE MUAHAHA. Remember, it ain't cheating if the rack pack is transparent.

The Good:
Three Braves including Chippah and Tommy Gun.

The Bad:
Five WBC cards. Out of twelve.

The Ugly:
Not one bloody draft pick out of a set named Draft Picks and Prospects.

I got the Hanson, so I'm pretty much done with this set. Not even the allure of purplefractors can get me to buy another one of these things.


Casey said...

This reminds me of the days searching 89 Score rack packs for Tom Gordon and David West rookies. And also knowing which rack packs contained Griffey rookies by the players on top because Donruss collation was so predictable.

Roy said...

Everyone hates WBC cards but me. Everyone pulls WBC cards except for me.

Andy said...

Do you actually expect us to believe that you pull Chipper cards with the actual frequency you suggest on your blog? What an obvious load of crap.

dayf said...

Do you actually believe I show you every single pack of cards I open on this blog?

night owl said...

OK, I get why you took the pack home. My question is why did you touch the pack in the first place?

Roy said...

Did you know the Hanson was a gold? I can't remember if they're always n the bottom or not.

Anonymous said...

The only Bowman I ever liked was Heritage... I stay far, far away now.

dayf said...

Night Owl: See through rack packs are fair game. Have been since the '80s.

Roy: Didn't know, didn't care. Just wanted a Tommy from that set.

Wombat: I agree 100%.

madding said...

Hoffpauir is neither a prospect nor a draft pick, of course. You may remember him from such sets as 2007 Bowman, 2007 Bowman Heritage and 2007 Bowman Whatever Other Sets They Try to Sell You. Of course, I don't have any of his '09 cards so I guess that's one more card I need.

TheRealDFG said...

That never works for me because some how, I am there just after the pack searcher made off with the loot.

Instead I end up with 6 different Game Jersey's of Martin Gerber.

Andy said...

Here's my confusion, dayf.

You post packs all the time that magically contain Chippers. I've got no problem with that. I can get board with the idea that you might rip 10-20 packs of a given product and choose to post the ones with the Chippers in them. This make sense to me not only because it's your blog and your rules but also because as a reader, I can understand how you're managing and presenting your content when you do that.

However, here you tell a story about a single rack pack that you bought because of the card on the back. You went to the trouble of talking about pack searching (or pack viewing, or whatever we call it when the card in question is visible with no tampering or manipulation.) You made a clear case why you selected this single pack and told a nice story around it. And then that pack also contains a Chipper? Sure, it can happen, but not with the frequency that such coincidences seem to occur on your blog.

Mind you, I have no issue with any of this at all. What I'm trying to say is that to me, your posts come across as disingenuous when you go to the trouble of laying out a detailed story that is obviously either false or only part of the truth. Did you actually pick out 10-20 rack packs with cards you liked on the pack? Was the Chipper even from the same pack as the other card? Or was this the rare case where you actually bought a single pack and got a Chipper? I don't know, and it damages my experience as a reader because I don't know what among your posts is real.

I hope it's obvious that my going to the trouble to explain this is meant to indicate that I love the blog and respect your writing--that's the reason why I question it rather than just delete your blog from my reader as I have done with so many others.

The Mojo Hand said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Mojo Hand said...


Chipper is all over products these days so pulling him out of every pack is not magical. As a matter of fact the last 5 products I ripped all contained Chippa cards in one form or another.

As a matter of fact looking through my recent Wally World 09 Bowman DP rack pack binge I pulled the following.

1 W.B.C Chrome
1. W.B.C Blue Refractor 99/99 holy crap an Ebay 1/1

I also pulled a shitload of chippa out of the recent 206 release.

Why would dave lie about pulling chippa? I mean its not like its a fucking rarity or anything special?

Hey jeff if you want that Ryan red refractor you best email me ( ok dont email me, and I swear to god I will keep it).


The Mojo Hand said...

Oops I wanted to say dave. I still have that Ryan red. If your still interested.