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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bipped AGIN

I got an unsolicited package from Thoughts and Sox last night. Well, not totally unsolicited, we were working on a trade about 9 or 10  months ago that went nowhere, then I went on a forced vacation and wigged and sort of forgot about all that stuff so it's more like unexpected. Here was the note accompanying the package:

Late '90s sox? Aw hell yeah you can have late '90s sox. Hell, I still wear some late '90s sox.

Wait, what's that bit at the end...? AW JEEZ

Lovely. Damn cheese eaters making things difficult for decent folk.

Oh Adam... you cannot even conceive of the sheer number of Bucky Dent cards I have... Oh well, let's get this over with. I'm going to take my Bipping like a man unlike some people.

A hunk o' Hank. Donruss Threads looks freaky when you get too many of them together.

One of the ugliest cards of Murph ever and now I got 10 of 'em! WoO0O0oO0OoO0!

There were five other small packages in the mailer including one wrapped in a picture of Dave Bing, but I'm going to save 'em for opeining at work when I get bored. I'll show off a choice tidbit from them later this week. I was surprised to see no limerick or disparaging comment towards my manhood included with the bipping. Maybe Adam can comprehend the mass quantity of Bucky Dents I have. Fear not Adam, I shall be merciful. This time....


AdamE said...

I tried to be nice with your Bippig because although I don't know how many Bucky Dent card you have, I do know about how may Sandy Alomar Jrs you have. He never killed our World Series run but I I still wouldn't want them.

Besides I did send you the Home Run King not the Home*Run*King like someone else got.

madding said...

The worst card in that set by far has to be the Bob Gibson abomination.