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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bip or No Bip: The Collective Troll

I started this post at 10:22 - and really should have been in bed long before that - but Troll is so eager to see if he Bipped me or not, I don't have the heart to go to bed right now. There's a lot to get to in this post so I better cut the niceties and just get down to business. I mistakenly thought that Trollie didn't have the inventory to Bip me, but after finding out how much junk wax he bought for his group break, I realize I have been a naive fool. This man can Bip the hell out anyone he chooses. Nevertheless I remain


Let's show off some extra goodies in the package first. Here's The Creepy Girl sticker that I was so frightened of.

Oddly the mouth sewn shut doesn't phase me, but the bloody eyes... *shudder* CREEPY! Fortunately, Troll informed me that the subject is not a bloody hell zombie at all but a very nice lady educator who is named after a Dead Kennedys song so I feel much better about this sticker now.


Here's a postcard of the Bradentucky Bombers Roller Derby team. Like a good MST3K joke, only three of my readers will get it. But the right three will get it. Ok, on with the cards... was it a Bip....? Or no Bip?

First up in the package were some 2009 Heritage Short Prints. I'm pretty sure Troll is actively collecting this set, so these must be doubles. I especially appreciate the John Smoltz with the despondent look in his eye.

Another Heritage short print, this time from 2008 Heritage. Holliday is rockin' the 1959 Topps All-Star design.

Tommy Hanson! WOOOOOOO! I've already got it. WOOOOOOOO! Now I can send it to someone else! WOOOOOOOOOOO!



Wow, a whole flopton of 1974 Topps! That kicks major ass! Look at all that vintage yummy.

Here's more 2009 Heritage, this time of the common garden variety.

Big Mac Attack! Gold version yet! These suckers expire on Sunday, maybe I should redeem a few of 'em while I can...

Last up, a couple of harmless Allen & Ginter cards. Whew! No Bips here! Now let's take a closer look at those '74s, eh?

Hah! lookit the mug on Duke! I like the fly away mullet.

Ray Sadecki! I've got this dude's rookie card from 1960 Topps. Man, he really looks goofy on that - hey. HEY. Just wait a doggone minute!




The Verdict:


You bet your sweet Bippy! That's a Bip to me!

Up next: The Heartbreaking Finale.


SpastikMooss said...

I get it!

Collective Troll said...

Sorry is the man who is bipped and doesn't realize it... The power is in the subtlety. I KNEW I could count on you to get it... There were many clues to your impending attack, not limited to the harbinger of bippation, Matt Holliday (in Cambodia).
So glad you posted it tonight. Obviously I knew whether or not I bipped you, but I HAD to know if you knew... I don't think you will ever recieve a more useful (or more cryptic) bipping ever. You are officially my first victim, but you will not be the last! BEWARE blog-o-sphere!!!

gritz76 said...

What? Her name is Chemical Warfare? And to think I've been calling her Rambozo all these years.

Unknown said...

You know I get it. Hell, I bought a region-free DVD player just so I could watch it.

Anonymous said...


Mark Aubrey said...

I get it. Thank you Mr. Meyer.

dayf said...

That's three! No one else can get it.