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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vintage Show Continued: '53 Topps

I've already shown off the show, so let's finish out the goodies I got at that Vintage show. I hope anyone who went to the TriStar Show last weekend got to check out his coolness. Other than my Braves collection, my major vintage focus is my 1953 Topps set. I whish I had a little more cash on hand than I did, but I still managed to pick up a couple I needed.

This Howie Fox with bonus pinhole was the card that finished off this page. There are precious few true common cards I need from the low series, most are Mickeys and Yogis and Jackies. Howie was in the two to three dollar box and was the first card I picked out when I got there. Now if I can just find #%$& Cal Abrams...

I had to get a high number card too, andJim Delsing got the call. There were about 7 or 8 high numbers I needed in the bargain box (why oh why didn't I get $20 out of the ATM before I went???) and Jim got the call. Why? It's in reasonably good condition, The painting looks good, I like the RAAAR Tiger logo and Howie was a National Leaguer so I balance out my purchases with someone from the Junior Circuit. I very nearly got a Dick Groat Rookie card that bas horribly trimmed however.

I'll finish off the Vintage show this week with - who else - THE BRAVES.

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madding said...

Am I the only one who thinks this set is better looking than the fabled '52s?