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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bip or No Bip: Madding

Madding sent me a package kinda sorta out of the blue. I had sent him a pile of Heritage but I'm pretty sure he sent me something in exchange already. That puts this package in...


I'm more paranoid than a TSA agent working a triple shift right now. Of course, thieves always fear being robbed. Let's check out this obvious Bippery from Oregon.

First in the pack was a Braves sticker. This is a common scam to lull an unsuspecting Bipee into a false sense of security.

First three cards in the pack were Shinies. Two Chromes and a Neon Smoltz Topps insert. The shinies are a distraction to bedazzle the victim before the knockout punch. If you'll recall, there was a fat group of white edged cards up next in the pack. Probably a 1990 Fleer Bipping, the whitest set ever. GO AHEAD MADDING, DO YOUR WORST

Um... this is what appears to be a healthy chunk of the 1995 Bazooka Braves team set. Aha! Madding got a box of this stuff and is divesting himself of the Non-Cards cards. Why, that wasn't a Bip at all! And you were so worried.

Here's a trio of Joneses. I'm sad Andruw has become a laughingstock. Hopefully he can produce in Chicago and have a respectable finish to his career. At least make the 400 home run club, 'Druw.

Here's a couple of Update cards of Bravos. A Heritage card of long-gone Ryan Church and a Topps card of first baseman Barbaro Canizares. If Barbaro plays any length of time at all for the Braves this year, we're in deep trouble and so is Troy Glaus.

Hawks! J-Smoove and Mookie Blaylock. Madding and I are probably the only regular bloggers who care a whit about basketball cards. Ok, maybe there's more. We have an understanding: he gets my Blazers and I get his Hawks. I'd say that's fair.

Here's a 2009 UD Philadelphia in action card of Falcons wide receiver Roddy White. Philadelphia is cool and all, but there's too damn many short prints...

This is by far the coolest thing about the whole package. I have not even seen a single solitary pack of '48 Bowman basketball anywhere in this state. I think I have the team set of Al Horford, Joe Johnson and Josh Smith (unless there's a SP of rookie Jeff Teague) and now I don't have to think about this set ever again. Hopefully one of these guys makes the All-Star team. Josh Smith should suck it up and compete in the Slam Dunk contest, but ballers nowadays think that is only for lesser players. Yeah, like Dr. J, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. I'm beginning to understand why so many people are irritated with today's NBA.

The pack closes out with a couple of 2008 Donruss Legends cards of Al Unser and old-timey Hawk Clyde Lovellette. Al appears to either be grimaxing or laughing at my stupidity for thinking that Madding would bip me. Looks like I need to go find some Blazers...

The Verdict:


Up soonish: The Collective Troll.


madding said...

I've actually never seen a pack of the 48 Bowman here, either, but some guy had a bunch of those cards in his 5 cent (or maybe less?) box at a card show awhile back and I thought they were cool. Those are the boxes that I go after when I am shopping. And, of course, there were no Blazers because they'd be at least $1 a piece around here.

SpastikMooss said...

One of these days I will send you lots of braves and lots of hawks. I didn't even realize you liked basketball lol...good team to collect though if you do.