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Monday, January 4, 2010

Votin' Time

The 2009 Gummie Awards Ballot is online.

Get your bootie over there and vote. A certain blog is up for an award, but just to let you know I voted for a Dingedifferent Cornertestant. Not trying to sway yer vote or nothin', just telling you not to vote for me. I've already won a Gummie, it's time to share the wealth.*

As long as you're in a voting mood, Go vote for the best Pirate Card creator up in the corner. There's no prize, only glory. I'm in the process of sending out hard copy sets to the creators, Beardy and Stale Gum have been sent theirs and I'm working on gcrl's set now. The other creators need to send me an address so I can get one out to you. These take a while to print, cut and customize so the process will take a couple of months assuming I don't burn through all my ink. Thanks for contributing to the set!

*note how just I cleverly used reverse psychology to win the teabagger vote. No socialist voting for them!


Unknown said...

Kap'n Fukodome looks a bit like a piratized Ben Kinglsey. Well done.

dinged corners said...

Yes, there is a strange PirateGandhi-esque quality to him, but oh God I love Kap'n.

PS Our votes cancelled each other out, then.

dayf said...

Kap'n Fukudome is Beardy's creation and is unofficially my favorite. Mainly because it finally completed my '08 A&G set.

There was no time this morning, but maybe after work I'll do a post of the complete set so people know what they're voting for.

unclemoe said...

don't blame me... i voted for mario