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Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Additions to the Blogroll

First, some Eye Candy.

Ok, a bunch of new blogs (or new to me) caught my eye tonight and I've been reading them instead of writing up my Bip or No Bip post. I've been teh s uck at keeping up with new blogs and adding them to the sidebar (and at sending out packages, keeping up with posts, acknowleding e-mails, etc. etc.) so I'm going to take the time to add 'em now and link 'em here for the hell of it. If you want your blog on the sidebar, go over there ------------>
and leave a comment in the News box. Does anyone even use the News box? I can spend the time updating it on playing Tecmo Bowl instead if you wish...

Baseball Card Recollections
It's midnight, I'm sick and I need sleep, so I'll keep the descriptions to a minimum.

Rookie Card Collector 
AKA: McCann Can Triple. More Braves bloggers, yeehaw!

All Tribe Baseball
AKA: Baseball Dad. WHY DON'T YOU FREQUENT COMMENTERS TELL ME ABOUT YOUR BLOGS?? If you did, 8 months ago, and I completely ignored it, um, tell me again, please.
Dad pulled a Million Card Giveaway code card! Nifty! Wait... if Topps is giving a Million cards away... and this is the first one of hese cards I've seen ever... then... HOW MANY FREAKING PACKS OF TOPPS IS OUT THERE??!!?!
Sorry, didn't mean to yell twice. moving on

1207 Consecutive Games
This fine chap (or chapette, I'm no sexist*) apparently has an unhealthy obsession with Mr. Stephen Garvey, esq. Good for him.

Reliving the 1976 Baseball Season
I so wanted to do this for the 1983 season a couple of years ago, but I didn't have the time. I am a lazy sod, MattR is not.

First Day Issue: Baseball Cards and the Never Ending Pursuit of Everything Ken Griffey Jr.
Hits and Griffeys, Griffeys and Hits.

It's Like Having My Own Card Shop
That statement could describe the entire Internet. Or my basement.

Last one, I was all done and then I found this one on the blogroll of the link above.

2008 Allen & Ginter Card-Scape
How did this man get checklists on his sidebar?? Tell me how you did it, and I'll  help you out on at least 2 or 3 of those collecting goals. I'll even sign your card of Pluto, 'cause I'm a space case.

* Note: yes I am.


McCann Can Triple said...

Brave bloggers are the best.

Nice Glavine card.

Peterson said...

Adding these as we speak...^^^LOVE your Handle McCann.

Dayf, can't find newsbox, have sent emails, no news, no hard feelings,
my best,
Peterson @ signehereandhere.blogspot.com