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Saturday, October 1, 2011

1953 Topps Cartoon - #1 Puddin'

Ok, last chance to salvage this series before I give up. Les do sum toons.

Roy Face rookie card. Lovingly trimmed to get rid of all that unsightly white stuff on the side. If you're one of those anal retentives who like their cards to be 'mint' or some such flavor, you may think this care looks horrific. Well it's nothing compared to what awaits you on the back.

What Philly Player is called "Puddin Head"?

sǝuoظ ǝıןןıʍ :˙suɐ

Mmmmmmm... that's good puddin'. Maybe not 240 dollars worth, but still pretty good. Who cares if it's looking at you? Sadly. Eat that puddin' up! Yum! Ok, maybe I've lost my appetite for puddin' after seeing this card. Who puts a hat on puddin' anyway? I tried to look up the origin if Willie's name, but there are about 20 different theories out there. Poor Willie got stuck with it anyway and now he's forever a glop. An odd thing about the '53 cartoons, in the early series there were some pretty straightforward baseball trivia questions, but as the card numbers got higher, the cartoons got weirder and weirder. A bunch of the high numbers are questions about nicknames resulting in every kind of anthropomorphized animals playing baseball. Bugs, rabbits, moose, fish, frogs, there's even a peanut. Only one glop though. Such a sad, sad, glop.


Chris Harris said...

That's the only kind of puddin' that $240 can buy.

night owl said...

Pudding scares me anyway (don't ask, it's rooted deep in childhood).