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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Stickee

Dang it's been a while since my last sticker post. These cartoons have been taking all my attention and my stickahs are getting neglected. No more! I've got ten more packs of stickahs scanned and ready to post. And for all you collectors out there demanding a want list, I finally wiped out the box at my local Target so there's likely going to be no more packs for me. Yes, folks, a want list is imminent. Theme song for today's stickies is Butter by the Bloody Beetroots.

But wait! I haven't posted ponies! I gotta post ponies on a sticker post! If you don't watch the ponies you can't have any stickers. HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY STICKERS IF YOU WON'T WATCH THE PONIES??

Besides, it's just fun little ponies. Why so serious?

Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? You got all foiled up and hid in my sitcker pack. Jeez, this is a depressing pack. Two Yankees, a Phillie, a Cub and two Jays (still bitter over '92, gotta let go). Tiger Mags is the only player on a team I don't hate in this pack. Insult to injury: Joe D is the only one I needed in this pack. Detroit is my second choice after the Rays for who I'd like to see in the Series from the AL. JUST PLEASE GOD NOT THE YANKEES AGAIN.

Through 29 packs:

Total stickers - 238
Stickers I need - 178
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 40

Percentage complete: 189/309 - 61%

Braves team set - 8/9

This pack is pretty meh. If I didn't need two out of the eight stickers it would have been a complete dud. I don't really want to talk about Melky Cabrera so let's just move on.

Through 30 packs:

Total stickers - 246
Stickers I need - 180
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 46

Percentage complete: 191/309 - 62%

Braves team set - 8/9

The numbers on the completion totals are a bit wonky. I'll do a reality check before the next post.

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Play at the Plate said...

Super dee duper congrats on your 3000th post! That's awesome, even if 2799 of them have been about ponies! I mean, ESPECIALLY since 2799 of them have been about ponies.