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Monday, October 31, 2011

Dancing With The Stars

So my wife sends me out at 7:00pm on Halloween to buy candy. Because no one saw this coming, obviously. I get back with the Wonka assortment and all three members of my family yell in unison "YOU DIDN'T GET REESES CUPS??!?"

Nope. I like Bottle Caps, Sweet Tarts and Nerds. Shoulda told me to get Reeses if ya wanted Reeses.

Another thing my wife likes to do to drive me crazy is watch Dancing With The Stars.

Get the Wolfman on that damn show and I'll watch it religiously.

1st Monster: "What did Ali Baba say when he wanted to open the entrance to the cave?"
2nd Monster: "Open, sez me."

That one was too awful even for me. The Beasties can redeem Ali Baba though.

This is the 1973 set, not the 1959 set. Here's galleries to both sets: 19591973.

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