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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Penultimate Sticksee

Here's the second to last sticker pack post. It was supposed to be the last one, but I grabbed a couple more packs to make it an even 40. This next part is very important:


I have been informed that Chris Harris is in the depths of an ether Upper Deck binge and is heading down the interstate with Op Ivy cranked on the stereo doing 90 with a trunk full of junkwax heading for the ATL. He demands a wantlist and  knows where I live. If I don't have that sucker up soon Bad Things will happen. I don't fear for myself, mind you, but I have ponies to look after now. Basically my wantlist depends on your wantlist so if you has one please can I has too? I've got two so far and more are welcome.

No theme song today, but here's Fluttershy kicking the living $#!t out of a bear.

If Chris shows up and my wantlist isn't done I fear the last words I will ever hear will be ALfaaawnZo SoooreeeAAHnoooow. I needed Al for the set so that's pretty cool I guess.

Through 37 packs:

Total stickers - 292
Stickers I need - 225
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 48

Percentage complete: 230/309 - 74%

Braves team set - COMPLETE

Team pages completed: 4 (Marlins, Orioles, Braves, Twins)

Three more dupes in this one, but Mike Moustakas completes the Royals page. Out of the 9 stickers only two are ex-Braves but I'd be willing to bet that one of the other 7 will be a Brave next year. Just a hunch. In other news, I have just passed the 75% complete mark. That's going to get all mucked up once I start filling wantlists but c'est la vie.

Through 38 packs:

Total stickers - 300
Stickers I need - 230
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 51

Percentage complete: 235/309 - 76%

Braves team set - COMPLETE

Team pages completed: 5 (Marlins, Orioles, Braves, Twins, Royals)

Last packs and wantlist will be up by tomorrow morning if Chris doesn't get to me first.


Tom said...

No want list here.

But I had to remark that photos for cards should not be taken in Wrigley until the ivy is majestic looking as possible. (Exhibit #1: Soriano Stickhar)

Community Gum said...

I'll oblige. Emailing want list now. Anything to keep you from suffering the same fate as that poor defenseless bear.

dayf said...


You don't mess with Fluttershy.