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Monday, October 3, 2011

Variations on a theme

Apparently Topps did something silly in one of their new "car-payment or one pack of cards" priced sets.

Then Chris Harris fixed it.

Well I fixed the fixing!

If John Flasburgh relic (Or better yet a Flansburgh/Linnell DUAL relic!) was actually in Triple Threads I'd buy a case. Well, not exactly buy one. I might wander into a card shop, throw one of those atrocious pink talking Princess Celestia dolls* at the shopkeep and grab and run away with a case of Triple Threads. But only for the Johns.

Also the venerable SlangKo Provided me with the proper font for my 1953 Topps homebrew cartoon so now it's fixed!

Thanks! '54 toons to come tomorrow!

*Yes, my daughter has one of these things. My wife calls it "The pink horse with the sun on its butt"

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madding said...

Underrated album for sure. Reminds me of college!