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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sick Art

No, the art is not necessarily sick, but I sure am. Sick enough to where I don't want to take the time to write a post about Charlie Silvera (SPOILERS!) for my cartoon series so I'm copping out and posting a sketch instead. Don't worry, I'll live, but you really don't want to know what I've got. Actually, by making that statement, you know exactly what I've got so sorry about that. I can write an art post in my sleep so I'll go ahead and knock this one out lickety split and go back to watching the game. And crying when baseball season is over later tonight. Or crying because there's a game tomorrow and I have to work. Wait, there's no crying in baseball. I'll watch The Notebook on Netflix instead. Then there will be no crying, just gagging. Screw it, WATCH PONIES.

Ok, onto ze arts. Those of you have have been watching my mid-life crisis intently, you'll know that on September 1st I decided I would take some time every day to practice drawing for a month and see what happens. The first thing I drew on the 1st? A tiny scribble of Pinkie Pie smaller than a dime on some scratch paper at work. I have a scan of it... on my dead flash drive. BACK UP YO SHIT KIDS. The first thing I drew that evening when I sat down with a #2 pencil and a stack of printer paper? The Ol' Perfessor.

Casey here is kind of a baseline for my art I guess. I'd drawn some cartoons to stick in trade packages and drunkenly scribbled some girls and stuff at 2AM but I had not until that point sat down and seriously tried to draw something. Why Casey Stengel? Well, I love Casey. The man was an insane genius and those are the best kind of geniuses. I had a card of his sitting on my desk staring at me. And Casey has an AWESOME face. I really like drawing old gnarly looking dudes for some reason. Yes I know he's a Yankee, and I've already posted Yankee art and Y U DRAW YANKEE? I like the Yankees, at least old Yankees before right around the Don Mattingly era.

So here's my first drawing of this grand experiment. #2 is up in the title image if you're interested. The sketch page for this drawing is kinda ridiculous, actually. I've set up a Deviant Art account and as soon as I re-scan everything and figure out how to upload I'll start posting all my crap over there. Oh, I'll still be posting it over here too, you aren't getting off the hook that easy.

So, can any of you figure out which card I sketched? I sure hope it's not that hard to figure out...


The Lost Collector said...

Nice job on this. I'm goign to say it's Casey's 1960 Topps.

dayf said...

Lost Collector gets it in one! '60 Topps is correct.
And the spammers are getting clever. They are actually evading the filter now.