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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stupid Flash Drive Stickies

Whelp, all my cartoon post images are on my flash drive, which bumped up against the door as I was taking my laptop upstairs yesterday, and now the drive is fubared. Luckily, I have just about everything backed up on the drive (sometimes in 3 or 4 other places) so it's more of an inconvenience than a disaster. Well, everything is backed up except all my scans from the past week. I hadn't backed those up yet because I am a poor excuse for a sysadmin. This includes scans of my artwork and all of the scans for the cartoon posts. And since I still have all the hard copies of that data, it's not technically lost, it's just going to take me an hour or two to scan all that stuff again. I'm still in the 'utterly disgusted with myself' phase of data loss grief so I don't want to get near a scanner at the moment.

However! All my neglected sticker post scans were on another flash drive! One I do have backed up! So now I can post stickies today! Oh yeah, theme song for today's post... um... I didn't really have one in mind... er........ Oh screw it. Here's one hour of Pinkie Pie singing the Nyan Cat song.


Braves and Rays! On the same sticker! IT's a sign! Braves/Rays World Series, baby! All my dreams will come true! That's what I thought when I opened this pack two weeks ago at least. Stupid reality. Brewers and Cardinals are still in it from this pack. And not the Red Sox, muahaha. Apologies to the Sox fans out there, but schadenfreude has been a great comfort to me since game #162. Besides, you guys got mentioned on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and the Braves didn't. I'm jealous of that you know.

Through 31 packs:

Total stickers - 246
Stickers I need - 182
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 45

Percentage complete: 193/309 - 62%

Braves team set - 8/9

Schmitty! When I went to the Braves/Phillies game the last series of the season, there were fans in Philly gear all over the place. It irked me at first but then I saw a guy in a Mike Schmidt Nike mustache shirt and all was forgiven. Two more reminders of the Braves' flop: Cardinal David Freese and Ex-Brave now Ranger Neftali Feliz.

Through 32 packs:

Total stickers - 252
Stickers I need - 190
Stickers traded away - 19
Dupes - 45

Percentage complete: 201/309 - 65%

Braves team set - 8/9

No dupes in the 32nd pack! One more pack to 2/3rd completion! I might do another one of these tonight!

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