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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sketch Card #1 - Phillie Phanatic

The first batch of sketch cards have mostly reached their recipients. I'mma start posting them now anyway.

 The first one I did (after my Al Hrabosky from a few months ago) was of  The Phillie Phanatic. This one went to Stale Gum along with a pile of stickers. Here 'tis, just in case you haven't seen it on Stale Gum already.

Drawn on 9/13/11
Media: #2 pencil on one of those thick decoy cards out of a pack of Gypsy Queen

So why the Phanatic? A couple of reasons. Chris is a Phillie Phan, so I wanted to draw a Phillie for him. Chris is also primarily a set collector, so I don't really know his favorite player even after trading with him for what? Four years now? So, a card for a generic Phillie Phan should get the Phanatic. Plus I had only been drawing regularly for a couple of weeks at this point and sketching a big fuzzy critter is a lot easier than trying to figure out Ryan Howard's face. Besides, the Phanatic is Phun! I almost want to do another one with colored pencil this time.

Here's the back. Backs are tough. Just look at Topps Lineage. As you can see I'll never be a letterer. I went with the typical "hit" card boilerplate on the back of this one. Not sure if Topps' lawyers would ever allow them to promise that a collector could ever be lucky enough to get tripped by Matt Diaz though.

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Slangon said...

Awesome. I hear Don Mossi calling.