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Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's time to Stick the Stickers - Royals and Twins


Image dump now while I get the wantlist together. Two mare pages are filled in the album. Three, actually. The Braves get their own post... I'm not having them associate with Junior Circuit rabble.

Didn't even bother to crop these images, I'm in such a hurry to post these things and be done with it. I technically completed the Twins page first, but I stuck the Royals stickers to the album first so they get top billing. Also, R comes before T so Blogger uploaded the images in this order and I'm super lazy. Billy Butler is the Royals' cover girl in the album.

And stuck. The fact that the stickers and the spaces on the page for the stickers are different sizes is going to drive me mad. I expect my break with reality to hit as soon as I start sticking the foil stickers and I ruin my Aaron trying to re-center it 14 times.

Twins unstuck. I have no clue who this guy is because the number is not visible in the photo. It doesn't help that their three big bats are generic looking clean-shaven white guys who use too much eye black. Someone grow a mustache for @$%! sake!

LOL just realized 6 hours later that I misspelled 'white' as 'shite'. Guess I'm still bitter over 1991, eh?

Still can't tell who the heck that is. His face is covered up now so it won't bug me any more. THE OFF CENTER STICKERS IS ENOUGH TO BUG ME PLENTY.

Lists. Send 'em now or forever be missing that Gaby Sanchez.


Eric L said...

If you haven't already packaged up the mustache cards and/or have a duplicate of the Hochevar sticker, I'd love to have it for my collection.

dayf said...

Dupe Luke has been pulled and placed into the Mustache bin.

Anonymous said...

That's Cuddyer. I know that because I hate him even more than the average Twin, mostly because of his stupid name.