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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

1954 Topps Cartoons - #5 I DARE YOU

Next up in the Cartoon Countdown is Dodgers (um, Reds?) pitcher Joe Black.

Brooklyn Dodgers are always welcome in my collection, especially ones with as much history as Joe Black. Rookie of the Year, first African-American to win a World Series game and dude was on the Cosby Show!

In '42 an angry manager dares Joe Black to try out for his team. 

Joe did- and he became the team's shortstop! Switched to pitching and in '51...

Brooklyn bought him. 1 year later Joe was the league's top relief pitcher - and all on a dare!

I couldn't confirm this story online, but it looks like Joe was at Morgan State University in '42. Maybe Morgan State's coach was the grouchy one? Joe didn't go into the Army until '43. Joe had a fantastic '52 season but got traded to Cincinnati during the Championship year in '55. This card reminds me that I should probably get around to reading The Boys of Summer one of these days. But that's a topic for another post.


night owl said...

I've read and re-read The Boys of Summer. There's nothing about that story in it. Black went to Morgan State on a sports scholarship.

Black is one of my favorites of the Boys of Summer. A really smart, sensible, logical guy.

The Lost Collector said...

Cool card. I also enjoyed the movie, "Meet Joe Black."

Anonymous said...

Slightly disturbed by the "bought him" comment. LMFAO.

dayf said...

Brad Pitt is a hell of an actor to be able to pull off playing a Negro League pitcher so well.