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Monday, October 31, 2011

I need to buy bigger paper

Or learn how to draw smaller. Or, better yet, learn how to fit everything into the space I want it to go in. You might have noticed the header has changed.

Yes, I know it's huge. It's only going to be up tonight. It's Halloween! Gotta celebrate! Plus the banner I wanted to put up isn't ready yet. So instead of working on that I took an hour or so to draw this because I am hyper efficient with my time. I screwed up with drawing it so the masterpiece above is actually two different drawings cobbled together using the magic of MSPaint. Here's part 1:

I drew Pipsqueak first, then Pinkie on a separate piece of paper when I realized she'd never fit, then did the lettering last because I suck at lettering. I also really, really suck at leaving enough space for text. I did that LAST and I still ran out of room. With over an inch of white space to the left of it. Guuuuuuuuh.

Here's Pinkie. I find Pinkie in a chicken suit to be the funniest thing ever. Don't pay any attention to the bottom right corner as I half assed the feather ruffle and gave Pinkie some serious thunder thighs. That'll happen after too much candy.

Here's a first draft of Pinkie. I got halfway through and realized I didn't like the face. I went ahead and finished it anyway just for the practice. Drawing that folded up arm a couple of times helped.

Here's the original screenshot I based it on. I got full body Pipsqueak and Pinkie's face from a couple other moments in the scene and mashed them all together. Then I mashed all that together in MSPaint. took a couple of hours total with the help of a couple of Yuenglings and some mixes from here.

There's LOTS more Halloween stuff scheduled for today, muahaha!

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