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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sketch Card #2 - '52 Pafko

Matt of Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius recently sent some cards. I know I haven't posted anything out of a package since probably Spring, but this is relevant to the post. Included in the package was this cloth sticker of Chippah.

Lineage gives me hives, but I really like some of the oddball crap they threw in there. Plus: CHIPPAH

Matt sent the stuff as thanks for some Packer cards and art I sent.He didn't really need to do that as he's sent a hell of a lot more stuff my way than I've sent to him, but he's just cool like dat, You may have seen some of the art in this post.

This has now been christened "My Little Cheesehead". I think I had "Pinkie Packer" in mind when I drew hastily scribbled it, but I think Matt's right on this one. There was some text on the drawing that wisely got cropped out of the scan. Pinkie gets overexited during football season.

There was one more piece of art in the package I sent. Matt is probably saving it for an Epic Post and I'm going to completely derail his blogging forever by showing it here. Sorry!

Drawn on 9/19/11
Media: #2 pencil on one of those thick decoy cards out of a pack of Gypsy Queen

Here's an actual '52 Pafko card for comparison:

1952 Topps #1 - Andy Pafko - Courtesy of CheckOutMyCards.com

Why do this? Matt is a big Andy Pafko fan. And the '52 Pafko is ridiculously expensive because it's the first card in the second Topps set. Third, if you count '48 Magic. Casual collectors think 1952 Topps is their first set, so the '52 Pafko gets the label "First Card in the First Topps Set". Yes, I'm a card snob hispter. Deal with it.

I like how it turned out, but the eyes are a little off. Andy ended up looking a little more Sad Sacky than I wanted. Ok for a second effort and I've been practicing since then. Jeez, has it really been a month since I drew this?

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