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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's time to Stick the Stickers - A's, Giants and Legends

A package form Chris Harris arrived in the mail a few days ago.


The bippery resulted in a large chunk being wiped off my want list and three completed pages.

Oakland A's blank page poorly scanned. Kurt Suzuki in full gear is the poster child for A's stickers.I almost feel bad covering this one up with stickers.

And complete. Yep I do feel bad. Kurt looks like he's disgusted with me.

 Off to the other side of the bay, we have the Giants. Lincy is the the Giants' representative.

And stuck. Miguel Tejada looks really out of place right smack in the middle of the page.

Shiny Legends page! I don't know what stadium this is, but it looks cool.

I guess Joe D is playing shortstop. Two-thirds of the page is Dodgers and Yankees. I feel fortunate to be a fan of one of the lesser teams allowed to have a representative on this page.

My team logo sticker page was also completed by Chris, but that'll have to wait for another post.

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