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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knucksie goes back in time to offer some helpful advice

One good thing about my new found love of sketching is that when things go awry and I can't get a decent post up I can just post a drawing. Here's one I did a few weeks ago about my two favorite knuckleball pitchers. How Phil wearing a late '70s era Braves uniform is giving this advice to a 1968-version Jim Bouton I don't really know. Let's just go with time travel. Phil Niekro is the twelfth Doctor.

Jim:  Oh God, I'm gonna get released. Seriously, what the fuck happened to my fastball?!?
Phil: Dude, try this - trust me

Based on Jim's 1968 Topps card

And Phil's ubiquitous Upper Deck pose

These were done a few weeks ago, so compare with the Mantle to see if I've made any progress. I played it kinda fast and loose with these drawings also. Overall I was happy with them. On the Knucksie I managed to pull off two things that confuse the hell out of me: hands and foreshortening. I'm not as happy with Jim. I really wanted to capture the despair in Bouton's eyes on that '68 card and my eyes lean more toward panic. I compensated by adding some cartoony flop sweat to Jim to get the point across. That '68 card just struck me when I saw it in my Archives binder. I wish Jim had gotten a '69 Pilots card to replace that as his final Topps card. One thing I still can't draw worth a flip is stupid hats. I'm so sick of drawing baseball caps I'm ready to exclusively draw cards from 2010 Topps205.

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