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Monday, September 1, 2008

Card Of the Week 9/01/08

I love it when current events bail me out when I have no freakin' clue what the Card of the Week is going to be.

Congrats to Cliff Lee, first in the majors to reach 20 wins in 2008, and the first Triber to win 20 since Gaylord Perry.

When I pulled this card out of a pack of Masterpieces last year, Cliff was a September call up after getting sent down to Buffalo. Lee had a terrible 2007 campaign, but came back strong and has shown the promise he flashed in 2005. Too bad the Indians haven't played as well as Cliff. It goes to show that sometimes those crappy pulls can turn into Cy Young Award winners if you hang on to them.


--David said...

DAWG! Excellent pull! He lives about 60 miles or so from where I do, and he has been having a killer season! I'm sure he won't be a Triber for long, though....

MMayes said...

Gaylord Perry??!!??

Now THAT'S perspective on how long it's been because if it was his Indians CY season, that was before the DH.