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Friday, September 26, 2008

The People Have Spoken

Here are the final results from the Jay Buhner rip card straw poll:

Rip the sucka - 37 votes (78%)

Keep it minty - 5 votes (10%)

Desecrate a Bonds card - 3 votes (6%)

Post something good ya slacker - 2 votes (4%)

In a landslide, rip it has been overwhelmingly approved. Two of you think I should quit wasting my time with '90s crap card stunts, I fully expect to see two comments on what you really want to see underneath this post. And don't be an anonymous coward either, fess up!

As for what everyone else wants to see, I shall be performing extraction surgery this weekend and will take plenty of pictures of the gruesome proceedings. Whether I can get the photos off the camera onto my computer remains to be seen, but I'll give it the old college try. No videos though, sorry 'bout that. I'll probably get committed to a nuthouse if I try to find someone to viddy an operation on a baseball card. Expect it to be posted sometime on Monday, maybe Tuesday if I have to resurrect the old computer that the digital camera actually worked on.

In the meantime, if you absolutely have to see some surgery this weekend, play this surprisingly addictive (and disgusting and NSFW) game from [adult swim] - ALAN PROBE: AMATEUR SURGEON. Warning - it is gross and puerile and disturbing and you will end up playing it for 8 straight hours, so be warned.


Captain Canuck said...

well.... I voted for you to rip it!, but what I really want to see is a pack of '54 Topps, pull a double of Aaron so you can bloody well send me one in the next swap.

But that's just me.......

dayf said...

You're talkin' 'bout Archives, right? Because I'll need some of that 700 billion dollar bailout before I can pick up some 1954 packs.

dayf said...

By the way, I've got a big pile o' stuff for you on the table right in front of me. I just need to buy some large size mailers and they will be on the way.

Joe74mj said...

Let the rumor mill begin. I think an Albert Belle lurks inside.

madding said...

What if it's just a regular-sized Jay Buhner with a huge grin on his face?

--David said...

I bet you get "Bipped!" LOL