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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tribecards Scratch-Off Tournament Champion!

The Atlanta Braves have brought you a championship! A championship of the Tribe Cards Triple Play scratch off game tournament, but hey, a Championship is a Championship... I don't know how the heck I won, but win I did. I guess it was due to all the packs of that junk I opened back in the '90s that helped me out. To the victor go the spoils, and David sent me a 100 count box full of goodies as a reward for my masterful scratch off guessing. Here are the 10 prizes I received as Tournament Champion:

2007 SP Legendary Cuts Gaylord Perry Jersey

I'm a fan of Gaylord. He pitched for the Braves for about 15 minutes and I appreciate pitchers who make a successful career out of throwing junk. His junk had a little extra junk on them perhaps... but if ya ain't cheatin' ya ain't tryin'. This card has what appears to be a powder blue Rangers uni on it, but you never know... it could actually be a powder blue Braves uniform. The back is vague enough about the jersey's provenance that I can easily delude myself into thinking that.

2008 UD A Piece of History/Archives John Smoltz Timeless Moments #036/149

The card is nice enough, but the timeless moment is spectacular. "During a 8/19/07 game against the Diamondbacks, Smoltz passed Hall of Fame pitcher Phil Niekro (2,913) to become the Braves all-time leader in career strikeouts." Love it.

2002 Upper Deck Andruw Jones Game Used Base

In the early days of memorabilia cards, the card companies would pretty much chop up anything and slap it on a card. This card of Andruw has a shred off of a base from the 2001 All Star Game at Safeco Field. A game where Jones did not appear.

2002 Topps Gold Wilson Betemit Class 1 Gold # 251/500

I always liked Wilson and I was pissed when the Braves traded him for magic beans the moment he started contributing to the team. He's languishing as a reserve for the Yankees right now, but I hold out hope that the prodigal son will return one day. This card is a Topps Gold parallel I've never seen before. It also scans a whole lot better than most Chrome cards, especially the gold foil. Hey Topps, whatever you did on this set, do it again.

2005 Bowman Andy Marte Futures Game Gear

Andy Marte and a clipping of his Futures game jersey adorn this card. Marte got the Braves two seasons of Edgar Renteria, who in turn got us hopefully many, many years of Jair Jurrjens, so Andy is just GREAT with me. I'm actually surprised that the Indians fan didn't decide to keep this card of their third base prospect. Oh wait, no I'm not.

2008 Allen & Ginter Carlos Zambrano jersey

I'm not a fan of the Cubs at all, but Z-man is a helluva pitcher. Nice blue jersey swatch too.

2005 Topps Updates and Highlights Dontrelle Willis All-Star Stitches

This card of Dontrelle looks like it got kicked by a donkey, but it's got a bright orange All-Star workout jersey piece on it. Also known as the jersey he wore while watching the Home Run Derby.

2002 Donruss Classics Steve Bechler autograph #417/500

This card makes me sad. I'll talk about it later.

2001 Upper Deck Evolution Billy Sylvester prospect #0255/2250

Billy was a balleyhooed pitching prospect for the Braves who never actually pitched an inning in the bigs. It's a short print for a largely forgotten set so it has that going for it I suppose.

2002 Topps Gold Label Roberto Alomar MLB Awards Ceremony bat

Not a fan of Roberto since his fake chop in the 1992 World Series. This is a neat card though, as it has Alomar's 1998 Topps card barely visible in the background to honor his '98 All Star MVP award. Also, the bat chunk appears to be held on with a piece of saran wrap. This is a very strange looking card.

In addition to these cards David also stuffed the box with 84 additional Braves cards from 1987 to 2008. It's a good mix of new, old, superstar and scrub. There's even two Tom Glavine rookies in there. Here's a top ten of these Bravos.

1991 Score Jimmy Kremers

'91 Score had some good photos...

2005 Topps Fan Favorites Zane Smith

Sorry Topps, but a 15 win season for a terrible club does not make one a Fan Favorite. Zane was actually a better pitcher for the Pirates, and won 16 for them in '91.

1992 Front Row Michael Warner

The card is from a lousy set, the picture on the front is awful and the guy topped out at Triple-A in a 12 year minor league career, but the back has a picture of him as a kid and that counts for something.

1994 Ultra Javy Lopez

Javy looks like he's eight feet tall in this picture.

2008 Bowman Josh Anderson RC

I thought back in spring training that the Braves should have just let the rookies fight it out to be the one to replace Andruw in centerfield, but they went out and got Kotsay anyway. Josh has looked pretty good once he finally started getting some playing time in the bigs, which just proves my theory. Heck, we could have finished in fourth with Josh playing all year, couldn't we?

1991 Score Oddibe McDowell

Two '91 Score cards in the top 10? Who'd a thunk it? Can't argue with this picture though.

2007 Upper Deck First Edition Brian McCann

Brian McCann is Samwise to Chipper's Frodo. Too bad we're all stuck in Mordor without asbestos underwear right now.

1991 Topps Mark Lemke

The one thing I am going to miss most when the Braves' season is over is Mark doing radio broadcasts with Pete Van Weiren. Man, I hope they bring Lemmer back next year. He's low man on the broadcasting totum pole though, so I'm scared they won't. I can't handle losing Skip, Larry and Lemmer from the broadcast booth all in the same year.

1993 Upper Deck Chipper Jones

Chipper Jones is King Arthur to Brian McCann's Sir Bedevere. Too bad the Phillies are farting in our general direction and waving their private parts at our aunties.

1988 Fleer Glenn Hubbard autograph

Wow, didn't expect that... I already have Hubbard's 1984 Fleer card autographed. Maybe I should try to get all his Fleer cards autographed? It would be an interesting collection at least.

Nice bunch of cards from David once again! Thanks man, great tournament, I look forward to the next one. Time to start adding to that Indians pile once again...


--David said...

About the Willis card... It was jammed into a top-loader that was two sizes too small. When I began to work it out, the whole top-loader snapped into about 4 pieces (I should have kept them and sent them along - LOL). Of course, when the loader snapped, so did the card. I was sick. Still am. Once I get a nice Braves G/U or Auto, it'll be coming your way for sure!

Congrats on the win! I had a lot of fun doing the play-by-play and I've got some really cool ideas for the next one (including my own custom scratch-off cards!) LOL, maybe I inhaled too much scratchcard dust...

Anonymous said...

Not an O's fan, but you never like to see anyone die young, much less with his whole career ahead of him...

dayf said...

No worries on Dontrelle. I've seen relic cards crammed into normal sized toploaders before. I'm a fan of Tiptons anyway and there's a certain charm to a mangled jersey card. Plus if I ever decide to dissect a jersey card for a post I have a candidate.