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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trade from Mike

I'm late on posting this trade, but Mike was late in sending it due to a brand new Wii Fit. That's cool, as I'm still trying to remember if I sent anything to him... That pile of Red Sox and Piazza cards is missing so I probably did. Anyway, I got the two cards I needed to complete my T205 set and a bunch of Braves. Since the cards were more or less organized by player, I'll post 'em by player.


Did you know Bazooka Joe was a Brave? Well, he wasn't. It's all a cynical marketing scheme by Topps and their army of airbrushers. Everyone can tell that's an airbrushed Giants cap.

Also: 1 Avery, 1 Deion, 2 Loftons and a Sheffield bazooka mini card.

Four Chipper Jones:

It's hard to find a Chipper card I don't have that isn't a relic or auto or some pricey insert, but Mike found one here. This is from some weird Team Out! baseball card game. I remember seeing these at Target years ago but I never picked one up. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of gameplay on the card... Maybe it's momory for baseball fans.

Also: '97 Donruss VXP, '97 Fleer Million Dollar Moments, '98 Pinnacle Swing for the Fences.

Seven John Smoltz:

I like finding Starting Lineup cards loose because I never opened any of the ones I got, especially not the Braves. It looks like this card was from a Classic Doubles package from 2000 featuring Smoltz and Pedro Martinez.

Also: '93 Classic, '95 Ultra Gold Medallion, '97 Pinnacle Inside checklist, '97 Fleer Million Dollar Moments, '03 Fleer Focus, '03 Bazooka Comic

Two Dale Murphy:

I don't know what oddball set this is from, but it looks like a sticker and I keep trying to peel it. It's some kind of '86 Topps set but I'm too lazy to look it up in the SCD right now.

Also: '87 Boardwalk and Baseball

Four Fred McGriff:

There were too many good ones so I couldn't decide which one to post. We have here a 1996 Collector's Choice Crash the Game card that is wonderfully obnoxious, a 1995 Fred McGriff NAtional packtime card that probably deserves a post all it's own and a spectacular '95 Topps All Star card with the Big Hurt. Awesome stuff right there.

Also: '97 Pinnacle Swing for the Fences

Three Javy Lopez:

Javy Lopez. Durham Bulls. I bet he's wearing Annie's garter.

Also '92 Classic Best, '97 Pinnacle Swing for the Fences

Three Tom Glavine:

Tom Glavine is radioactive. Literally. That sucker glows in the dark! It kinda glows in the light too. Gotta love early '90s card design.

Also: '93 Classic, '94 Post

Four Dave Justice:

I have never seen one of these cards before. Not ever. And I've seen a lot of cards. It appears to be a Canadian version of the Post cereal cards. Probably inserted into Kraft Dinner or cases of LaBatt's. That's a typical Canadian breakfast, right?

Also: '93 Classic, '94 Post, '94 O-Pee-Chee offer card

Three Andruw Jones:

This is quite possibly the greenest card in existence.

Also: '97 Donruss VXP, '98 Donruss Playstation

Six Greg Maddux:

I've posted the VXP card/CD/thing before, but I don't think I've shown off the case for it. This is another card that really deserves its own dedicated post. I've seen a lot of these around lately, I'll bet another warehouse full just hit the market.

Also: '94 UD Fun Pack, '97 Pinnacle Inside checklist, '97 Donruss VXP, '03 Bazooka Comic, Team Out! baseball game card

Great group of stuff, as always. I'll leave you with this cartoon from the back of Greg's Fun Pack card that shows how I looked when cracking this package open:


ManOfSteal said...

The Dale Murphy is from the 1986 Woolworth's set, which Rickey was excluded from for some reason (he's in both the 1985 and 1987 sets).

dayf said...

See, I know someone out there would know this and I could be lazy. Youse guys are Jean-Ee-Ooses