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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dawgs vs. Bama

It's ridiculous, but this game doesn't give me the panicky terrors that the South Carolina game did. 'Bama is clearly better than the Gamecocks, and this is probably the toughest game we'll play all year other than Florida, but I'm sill calm and collected tonight. Maybe it's because I know that the Dawgs are solid and can win this game. Maybe because the game is between the hedges. It's probably because Alabama simply isn't that big a rival. You'd think that since they are right next door, the two teams would hate each other, but actually Auburn and Florida are much bigger rivals. And Tech. And Tennessee. And South Carolina. And Clemson when we play them. Georgia Southern's fun too. Alabama, just not that much hate left for them I guess. We really hate Auburn. Our mascot bit one of their players once for Larry's sake. See, there's one thing Georgia and Alabama have in common - WE FRICKIN HATE THE WAR EAGLE. So to spur on the Dawgs to victory, here's a shiny card of Vince Dooley:

Who played football where? That's right - AUBURN. Suck on it, Tide.

Also for no reason whatsoever, here's an old Bowman card of Chuck Bednarik.

Chuck decided he wanted no part of this debacle and bolted for another post.

Wow..... Glad I didn't get all stressed about this game, 'cause 'Bama's spanking us. We're in the black jerseys too. Yeeesh.

It gets worse and worse... If you want to follow along you can watch the Gamecenter on CBS, or through the magic of YouTube can see actual video highlights of the game!

Oy! They jest scored agin!

More game highlights:

But ya know what? Even though we got our asses handed to us by a team coached by the despicable Les Miles...


Oh what a wonderful weekend....


Matt said...

Georgia is more than good enough to rally, BUT...blackouts are stupid. Although, they make for good card photography, i.e. a bunch of Ray Rice's cards using pictures from Rutgers' blackout game last year...which we lost to WVU 33-3.

Matt said...

By the way Dayf, email me your mailing address if you get a chance. I have a few cards to send you. I think you'd enjoy them, and I have no need for them.