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Monday, May 18, 2009

09 Heritage pack blowout

I typed all these pack rips out planning to post all of them individualy, but as you know the best laid plans often go awry. I've got a lot of stuff to do this week so I'm just going to post a bunch of 'em at once and be done with it. Just out of curiosity though, I'm impelled to ask this question: Google owns Blogger. Google's brower is Chrome. So howcome it's so much easier to upload images in Firefox?Seriously, I can't even cut and paste the image once I get it uploaded I have to copy and paste, then delete the duplicate image on the top of the post. Oh well, Chrome doesn't take my memory behind the woodshed and open a can of whoopass on it like Firefox is wont to do so I'll put up with relatively minor annoyances for the time being. 

Retail pack (Target)
281 Mike Jacobs
362 Roy Oswalt
34 Ian Kinsler
469 New York Mets Coaches SP
413 Kansas City Royals
208 Chicago White Sox
320 Jay Bruce
403 Taylor Teagarden
Man, that Oswalt card just looks bad-ass. Kinsler and Bruce are nice pulls and any pack with a short print is a good one. Ok, so it's the Mets' coaches, but Hojo is one Met I don't mind that much. However, Warthen's head looks a little... odd. 

Retail (Target)

73 David Price
8 Gil Meche
319 Mike Aviles
157 Juan Uribe
70 Tom Glavine
NAP7 Steven Drew New Age Performer
87 Jarrod Washburn
55 Nate McLouth

The David Price rookie is pretty sweet. I'm not completely sure, but the Glavine may be by first heritage double of the year. Getting an insert is all right, but I've never been too big a fan of the New Age Performers set. 

Retail (Target)

260 Power Plus
308 Zack Greinke
351 Ben Sheets
427 Ben Francisco SP
302 Philadelphia Phillies
266 Ricky Nolasco
274 Matt Garza
192 Jeff Baker

Well, we now know what the Plus part of Power Plus is for Manny... Greinke sure is kicking ass and chewing bubblegum. Maybe the Royals can actually make some noise this year. I'm not sure how good Ben Francisco is but a short print is a short print. 

Retail (Target)

153 Jacoby Ellsbury
216 Terry Francona
340 Ian Snell
424 Erik Bedard
185 Kyle Kendrick
111 Kevin Youkilis
244 Trevor Hoffman
213 Dusty Baker

Man, there's nothing I hate worse than a Heritage pack with no short prints or inserts. Two mamangers is also adding insult to injury. The silver lining of this pack is I got a bunch of Red Sox that I traded off. Youk is looking pretty manaical there. 

I've got some more to post but I haven't scanned the cards yet. Maybe later this week. Maybe not. 


FanOfReds said...

I find it easier to go to the html view and cut and paste the picture code to the part of the blog where you want the photo to go...at least with most of the browsers I've tried that seems to work quite well.

night owl said...

I get so confused when you folks talk computerese.

First double of the year? I think I have five Curtis Grandersons and I'm not even trying to complete the set!

David said...

Nice post. I can't really help you with the technical questions as I don't really have the foggiest. Agree with you re the David Price card.

Ben said...

I use Opera, but I also use html to write my posts, so I can just cut 'n paste with the text editor.

I've never tried Chrome, but I used FIrefox until it started losing all my bookmarks randomly. I've used only Opera for the past five years or more.