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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching up on trades - Motherscratching the surface

I had to post this simply because my final score on the quiz, 88.5, is also my favorite radio station. That's like, synchronicity or something. (which will also help on #82) A couple more hints: no misogyny, and know your Eagles.To attempt to tie an '80s music quiz in with a card blog, here's a pack I got from Motherscratcher, recent WINNAR of the Turk-Off.


Robert plant was the only card I could post on this blog, the rest were just TOO METAL. I'll try to post 'em up on A Pack To Be Named Later, um, later. I also got a few other packs including these:

The Stadium Club will be opened on A Pack A Day. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. Who can tell? I got a whole freakin' BOX for stuff from The Dude, so there will be future Motherscratcher trade catch-up posts. Including... THE UGLIEST JERSEY CARD IN THE WORLD. Well, maybe not the ugliest ever, but it's still not attractive. Thanks MS!

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Motherscratcher said...

I forget what that Chipper looks like as I never quite worked up the nerve to look straight at it. My wife is braver than me and she assured me that it is truely awful.