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Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 Goudey backs

The second card I pulled out of that pack of Goudey was of Jeff Francoeur. Nice to pull a Brave in the first pack! I thought it was interesting that the card number for Frenchy was the exact same as his number in the 2008 set. That's not all that's the exact same though. Below are scans of Jeff's 2008 and 2009 Goudey cards. I have removed all the stats and any references to dates in the bio. Can you tell which back is from 2008 and which is from 2009 without cheating and checking the back of a Goudey card?

Also for reference, here is the back of Walter Berger's actual 1933 Goudey card.


2009 is the one on the left. Sharp eyed readers noted the "series of 220" difference between the two sets. Also the 2008 card has the position underneath the name on top, while 2009 has the team name.


dinged corners said...

Is the one on the right 2009? Because that looks a little more throwbacky.

On the Berger, "Big siege gun of the tribal attack" is one great bit of 1933 text. Chills. Someday, when you have time and inclination, might you show the original Goudey backs for the text?

Ben said...

My guess is that the one on the left is from 2009. Since Jeff is a few years removed from back to back 100 RBI seasons.

mfw13 said...

The telltale is the size of the series....2009 has only 220 cards (the one on the left), last year had 230 cards (the one on the right).

--David said...

And yet, they still charge too much for packs and blasters, though they needed zero more effort. Now, THAT is a business plan...