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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flea Market Finds part 1

The flea market dud was back for the first time in months today. I've been tryign to be good about buying cards, but this opportunity may not happen again for months, if ever. I was reasonably good and didn't spend too much. I still managed to get some neat stuff that I'll show off this week. First up, two bucks worth of 5 for a dollar cards.

2008 Razor Gordon Beckham

This was the steal of the day. I've been wanting a card of Gordon in a Dawgs uni for months, but most of them were short printed autographed nonsense that were too expensive. Now I got one for two dines. Brilliant!

2009 Topps George Sisler Turkey Red

I love the Turkey Red cards of subjects that could have plausibly been in the original set. George middes it by a few years since he debuted in 1915, but it's close enough. Sisler finished his career with the Braves (hitting over .300 all three years) so I've claimed him as a Braves even though he did his best work with the St. Louis Browns.

2009 Topps Duke Snider Ring of Honor

This card of Duke honors the Dodgers' first World Series victory in Los Angeles. Duke hit his last World Series home run against the White Sox that year. Is it just me or does his jersey look a bit green? It looks like Ted Turner colorized this card.

2009 Topps Carl Yastrzemski Legends

I can never pass up a Yaz cards when sideburns are involved.

2009 Topps Garret Anderson Turkey Red

Now that I'm home I somewhat regret not getting a few more Turkey Red cards. I can't remember which ones I had already so I probably would have ended up with a bunch of doubles. I'm happy with Garret though. He's finally back in the Braves' lineup and none too soon. Chipper can't carry the team by himself.

2009 Topps Francisco Cervelli Bleck Border #19/58

I know the card market is somewhat depressed right now, and parallel cards aren't what they used to be but twenty cents for a black border numbered to 58?? Heck, I'll take it. Thanks to injuries, Francisco is up with the big club and got his first major league hit yesterday.

2008 Topps Ichiro WBC

Any Ichiro card is good, but a WBC Ichiro in the Japan uni is better.

2008 Timelines Alexei Ramirez 2004 subset

I wasn't sure if I needed this card or not, but it turned out that I didn't have it yet. I don't mind cards from certain teams (Both Sox, Indians, Royals, Reds, Mets among others) because I know that I can get rid of them very easily.

2009 Topps American Heritage Benjamin Latrobe & Treaty of Versailles

These two cards complete my American Heritage short set. I don't have all the SPs, but I don't really need a few more variations on Obama and McCain anyway. If they come to me they'll have a home in my binder, otherwise I won't miss 'em.

Not bad for two bucks, eh? I got at least one other bargain to show off later this week.


White Sox Cards said...

Those are some nice pickups!

night owl said...

Yeah, there definitely is a greenish tint to Snider's uniform. Maybe he's about to go all Lou Ferrigno on Early Wynn's ass.

Ben said...

I'm a bit of a World War 1 buff, so I may have to try to find that Treaty of Versailles card. Nice finds.


I love flea markets and shows with 10 and 20 cent boxes. You never know what you might find!

Laurens said...

The Cervelli card is an an error and supposedly pictures Austin Jackson instead.