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Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Links

So much time, so little to do... Wait, scratch that. Reverse it.
Once again, in lieu of actual content here's some links to other people creating content. Gotta have something to get you through this long Monday.

But first...

The 6th Blog Bat Around has been announced:
It's back home on Sports Cards Uncensored, so check it out and get your entries in.

A Pack To Be Named Later

A pack ripping blog with the ambitious goal of ripping one pack of every product ever made. And they mean everything.

Maddux Glavine Smoltz

I think the awesomeness speaks for itself on this one...

Yount vs. Molitor

This is kind of the Brewers version of the previous link.

Uncle Moe pulls an 83 Fleer project and blogs about his attempt to get every single card from 2008 Topps (Series 1, 2 and U&H) autographed. Good luck my friend...

1988 Fleer

Ben's '89 Bowman blog has rebranded to 1988 Fleer.

A brand spankin' new blog from an aficionado of punk rock and roller derby. I love the roller derby pinup cowgirl astronaut logo.

Fun links are sparse today due to time contraints, but here's a few things that might be relevant to your interests:

The Dugout Cards & Collectibles has cards up for sale and apparently offers up a bunch of commons to help finish your set. I have had no time or money to actually verify the inventory or judge the purchasing experience, but anyone offering a 1987 Topps Ed Lynch for sale online is worth a look see at any rate. As always, caveat emptor.

In disappointing news, the formerly awesome T206 Museum turned out to be a possible front for someone doctoring Old Mill overprints. The site ironically used to my preferred reference guide for judging T206 fakes as well as general T206 info and has now been taken down and completely flushed of all information.

As if to make up for this loss of intersting info and restore balance to the web, Mark's Ephemera pointed out something absolutely wonderful last month: Vintage Weekly World News on Google Books! Now that will certainly help you get through a long Monday.

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