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Friday, May 29, 2009

Team Sets For You

I'm not sure if I've ever shown off this site before, but it's a really useful one:

Team Sets 4 U

This site is exactly what is says on the tin. Team sets. For you. The guy who put together the site broke down a bunch of sets into teams and is willing to sell the team sets to you. Unless bought something off an auction site once I haven't actually purchased any cards from him so I couldn't give you any first hand experience on that. (Note - two commenters have had positive experiences buying cards from them, so check it out. Once I get some cash I'll have to pick out a few sets myself. That Ramly Reprint set looks mightly tempting) The list of what he has for sale is pretty spectacular though. Parallel sets? Insert sets? Strat-o-matic sets? Whew, I could spend a lot of money on that stuff. The thing I really wanted to show off is this:

Team Set Checklists

This is a really valuable resource for anyone collecting team sets. Just look at some of the sets he has team set breakdowns for:

1895 Mayo Cut Plug
1909 Ramly T204
1933 Tattoo Orbit
1948 Topps Magic Photos
1958 Hires Root Beer
1966 Topps Venezuelan
1976 SSPC
1986 Sportflics
1994 Extra Bases
1998 SPX Finite
2004 Topps Total

All kinds of team sets can be found in there and it looks like the lists were put together by hand. Great job on a great resource, check it out of you're looking to start collecting a team of your own.


Wrigley Wax said...

I've bought many team sets from there. I would highly recommend them.

Rod said...

I have also bought many sets from them and would recommend them also

--David said...

I use his site for reference all the time! Great post to promote his amazing sets and information!

night owl said...

I have been building my want lists off of this site for months. My knowledge of mid, late 90s cards is zilch, so this site is immensely valuable.

White Sox Cards said...

That's where I start my want lists and fine tune them from there.

Dan said...

Dude needs a web designer... pronto.

dgreen1899 said...

I have been using this site to make my Phillies and Orioles lists. It is invaluable! Doe anyone know if there is a football site like this?

Teamsets4u said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.
Glad to see people actually use my site even if they do not buy from me.