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Friday, May 8, 2009

What's in the Rite Aid ad this week?

I got a package from Madding recently. Some assorted Braves, Hawks and Falcons. Good stuff. I've got a bunch of Cards and Blazers I'm hoping to get in the mail today for him. Included in the package was this:

Coolers for $14.99 and Tide for $12.99. Interesting... There's a Rite Aid flyer in with all the cards. Rite Aid recently took over Eckered Drugs so there's one right down the street from me now. Let's see what else they have.

Snapple for 99 cents! Awesome!! I love Diet Peach Iced Tea. Oh wait, there are hard plastic things in here too.. Hey, cards!

The 1979 Topps Robin Yount where he looks more like a bird than Mark Fidrych ever could have dreamed of.

We go from what is probably my favorite Yount card to one of my least favorite Schmidt cards. Mike deserves better than an off kilter half shadow squinchy face portrait. Still, my least favorite Schmidt is still light years above most other cards in my estimation.

Pete Rose, hitting the ball. Doing what he does best. No smartass, he does not do gambling best. He did gambling pretty terribly as a matter of fact. Put him in the Hall already. Make him buy a ticket to see his own plaque if you wish, but put him in the Hall.

Here's a 1992-93 Hawks schedule! I used to have one of these somewhere. I might still have it, but it's certainly not in pristine condition like this one. This brings back a lot of memories. I need good memories right now because the Cavaliers are quickly making the 2008-2009 Hawks a memory.

Pete Rose may have broken the modern NL record for a hitting streak, but guess who broke the streak? Gene Garber and the Braves! W00t!

It's striking how many of the all time leaders on these cards have gone by the wayside in the past 30 years. Nolan Ryan bumped Walter Johnson off the right side of the card, but to be fair some guy named Matt Kilroy technically owns the all time single season strikeout crown. How the hell is is possible to strike out 513 batters in a season? And then lose 34 games that same season??

The Rite Aid package ends with A.L. All*Star George Brett. Now this is a photo worthy of a legendary third baseman. Great stuff from Madding, thanks again. Maybe that Blazers - Hawks NBA final will happen next year.

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