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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Catching up on trades - minis from Duane

Duane has been working on his 2008 A&G set after catching the bug last year and we've mad a couple of mini card swaps. He's expanded to chasing Goudey, Ultimate and more, here's his want list if anyone wants to do some deals with the Ohioan. Here's some choice cuts from teh last package I received.

2006 Allen & Ginter Kris Benson. My want list for that set is slowly but surely getting chipped away.

Shiny Frenchy! My first Ultimate Collection base card is of future Kansas City Royal Jeff Francoeur. This design looks like 2001 or 2002 Upper Deck off brand insert card to me, but what do I know.

Aaaaaaand a whole slopload of A&G minis to put in my mixed-set mini binder. I should probably post a want list one of these days, I have a have a ton of minis I wouldn't mind parting with. Thanks Duane!

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dinged corners said...

Is "slopload" metric?