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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your input requested

Now that Brian McCann's dinger has all but assured a Braves sweep of the Blue Jays, I am finally going to get out in the yard and attack my overgrown bushes with the hedge trimmer. Once I'm done I will be doing the following:

  • Washing off all the pollen and assorted schmutz that got all over me from my filthy plants
  • Cooking up a steak I have marinating
  • Polishing off said steak with some mashed potatoes, corn and a couple of beers
  • Going through my e-mail to log all the outstanding trades I have
  • Posting an exceptionally good Jumbo pack of 2009 Topps Heritage

My question for you:

Should I post the pack on A Pack A Day?
Should I post it on A Pack to be Named Later?
Should I forget about those other blogs and just post it right here?

Also, if I post a pack on APAD or APTBNL, should I cross post it here?

You guys mull that over and let me know what you'd prefer in the comments. In the meantime enjoy some Heritage Chippahs I got from Mr. Million himself, Mario at Wax Heaven.

The Minnie Minoso/Chipper Jones card is easily one of my favorites of 2009.


Thorzul said...

How about A Pack A Day...

I've neglected that thing for way too long, and perhaps you can inspire me to pick up some of the slack.

--David said...

I'm with Thorzul - APAD for sure! I hadn't posted over there in so long, I bought ATTAX just to post on there....

Dinged Corners said...


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Once you make the post, nothing wrong with copying and pasting to APAD as well.